Australia Autistic Boy Found: See Dramatic Footage Of 11-Year-Old’s Rescue After 4 Nights In Forest [Video]

In Australia, an autistic boy found after living on his own in the wilderness for four days, is nothing short of a miracle. Eleven-year-old Luke Shambrook was rescued safely Tuesday after he spent four nights in the thick Australian forest.

Fox News reports that the boy was spotted by a police helicopter late Tuesday morning while searching the Fraser National Park area in Victoria state, which was two miles from where his family’s campground was located. Luke went missing from the campground Friday morning, according to Police Commander, Rick Nugent. He said the autistic boy found is doing well and that he’s “exhausted, he’s suffering hypothermia and he’s also dehydrated.”

The worst was feared that Luke had possibly drowned in a nearby lake. Over 120 people were part of the search and rescue effort to find Luke Shambrook. Temperatures reportedly fell to 48 degrees overnight with some rainfall, but things looked up when the child’s beanie was seen where he was seen walking around.