Polygamy Standoff: Sabrina Broadbent Attacked When Attempting To Remove Her Children From FLDS Compound

Polygamist Mormon sect member Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner was allegedly harassed when she tried to retrieve her four children last week. The 32-year-old FLDS plural-marriage participant garnered full custody of the children after she fled the compound led by their prophet, Warren Jeffs.

Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner fled the Warren Jeffs‘ polygamy compound eight years ago. As previously reported the Inquistr, Jeffs was convicted for rape and is currently serving a life sentence in prison. Tetzner’s children range in age from eight to 13. When the former polygamist attempted to pick up her children from the Colorado City, Utah, compound after being granted full legal custody, she said she was stopped by members of the fundamentalist Mormon sect.


“Lots of members from the community started showing up. They surrounded her vehicle, the home, fences and the yard. They were kicking the van. They even tried to put a cow and chickens into her vehicle,” former polygamy group member Flora Jessop, said. Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner’s children had reportedly been living on the compound with her aunt.

Mohave County sheriff’s deputies ultimately had to present a search warrant to disperse the crown and to ensure the return of the children to their mother. Video footage recorded from a cell phone reportedly showed a multitude of polygamists surrounding the van containing Tetzner.

Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner’s custody order mandated that the children living on the polygamy compound had to be returned to their mother by 5 p.m. When the former fundamentalist Mormon arrived at the compound, the children were not reportedly presented to her, and their whereabouts were unknown. When the mother returned to the location around midnight, she and members of her group were reportedly quickly taken to her aunt’s home.

Once they group had arrived at Samantha Holm’s residence, Broadbent Tetzner’s group said that “several dozen fundamentalists” prevented the children from being reunited with their mother. Tetzner then reportedly spent the night in her van, she was allegedly afraid the vehicle would be torn apart if she left it unattended.

The following morning approximately 600 polygamy compound members allegedly surrounded the van and prevented her from going into the home and getting her children once again. The children of the former sister wife allegedly did not want to leave with their mother because FLDS polygamy compound members allegedly attempted to frighten the children into thinking their mother was “taking them to hell.”

FLDS members allegedly followed Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner and her children as they drove away from the compound and to their home. Some of the polygamy sect allegedly arrived at Broadbent Tetzner’s home before the van containing the mother and her children and wiped animal feces on the walls and broke some furniture.

Due to concerns that “further attacks” could occur, the former FLDS member, her new husband, Chase Tetzner, their toddler, and the children she raised on the polygamy compound, have all been moved to a temporary safe house.

“We want to thank all of you for your love and support these last few days. We have the children they are safe and we’re heading home,” Sabrina Broadbent Tetzner posted on Facebook. According to earlier posts on the social media platform, the former FLDS member had been granted visits with her children.

Defenders of Children, a non-profit group that helped Broadbent Tetzner during her legal battle for custody, said safety concerns are valid. The group is currently raising funds to cover the cost of a new security system for their home and to purchase clothing for the children from the polygamy compound.

[Image via: Facebook]