Today Is National Beer Day! Pull Up A Barstool, Grab A Pint, And Raise Your Glass To Frankie Roosevelt

Cheers! Sláinte! Salute! Cin Cin! Salud! Whatever sentiment you choose to use, raise a glass, because today, April 7, is National Beer Day!

But what is National Beer Day?

In 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen-Harrison Act into law, ending 13 years of prohibition. The law would once again allow people to legally buy, sell, and consume beer (as long as the alcohol content was less than 4 percent by volume). The act officially took effect on April 7 of the same year, and revellers took to the streets to celebrate. An estimated 1.5 million barrels of beer were consumed on that first day, which went on to inspire the unofficial holiday of National Beer Day that we all know and love today.

April 7 also marks the day the Budweiser Clydesdales were first introduced to the public, and to thank President Roosevelt for his involvement in the ending of prohibition, Anheuser-Busch delivered a case of beer to him.

In honor of National Beer Day, the pollsters over at, asked readers who they’d most like to have a beer with, but were careful to warn not to make their choice based on looks alone.

“If given the opportunity to sit down for a beer with any famous male [or female] figure, which famous [person] would you most want to get a drink with? You’re not picking these [people] because you want to get them drunk and see where the night goes. You’re choosing who out of all the interesting famous people on the planet would be your ultimate pick to grab a beer with — famous actors, directors, politicians, athletes, and even billionaires could all be great choices.

“You have to consider, when picking who you’d want at the barstool next to you, the things you’re going to talk about, likability, things you would have in common (do you like the same sports teams, movies, food are you from the same state), fun personality, most down to earth and who would make the best drinking buddy. Do not focus solely on looks.”

The top three men and women chosen are pretty eclectic figures, though all are actors. The three men the majority of poll answerers wanted to have a beer with are Bill Murray, definitely good for a few laughs; Robert Downey Jr., oddly enough, since he’s been sober for 10 years; and the late, great Robin Williams, who you’ll have to meet up with in Heaven for your National Beer Day spent with him. The top three women are Jennifer Lawrence, of course; Emma Stone; and Jessica Biel, who’s currently pregnant, so I’d imagine she’d probably be drinking non-alcoholic beer, which wouldn’t really be as fun.

In other (probably not so) unrelated news, April 7 is also National No Housework Day, so put down the broom and pick up a nice, frosty beer.

Given the guidelines above, which famous figure, living or dead, would you choose to have a beer with on National Beer Day?

[Image Credit: Mental Floss]