Paul McCartney Absent From Beatles’ Reunion, A Beatle Gets Hall of Fame Nod

Anyone who even remotely follows the music of the 1960’s knows that The Beatles did not always get along. But Cleveland reports that the Fab Four might be putting their differences aside later this month when Paul McCartney inducts fellow band member Ringo Starr (neé Richard Starkey) into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame on Saturday, April 18.

Cleveland added that McCartney had previously been absent from The Beatles’ Hall of Fame induction ceremony, as he still felt there were unresolved differences between the four Beatles, and it would’ve been “hypocritical” of him to appear at what he called a “fake reunion.”

The Beatles, who were known for their psychedelic rock/pop sounds and a rivalry with fellow 60’s band The Beach Boys, were recently complimented by that band’s lead singer, Brian Wilson. “It wasn’t really a rivalry…I was jealous!” the Daily Beast quoted Wilson as saying, adding that The Beatles’ album Rubber Soul“blew [him] away” and that the bands both inspired one another.

Quite a compliment from someone who just released his 11th studio album at age 72, as The Daily Beast mentioned. The Beatles and The Beach Boys were both known for having a similar trippy sound to their music, which is unsurprising since many bands of the time borrowed from earlier Blues and Rock musicians such as Elvis Presley (ironically enough not a Beatles fan), and Chuck Berry.

However, amongst their differences was the Beach Boys’ use of vacations as a major theme in their music (“Kokomo, “Surfin’ USA” as some examples), whereas the Beatles were primarily known for love songs during their early years in America.

The earliest incarnation of The Beatles was a college group formed by John Lennon under the name The Quarrymen. Though The Beatles got their start in Liverpool, England, they became wildly famous in America after appearing on “The Ed Sullivan Show” in 1964. A variety of similar British bands, including The Kinks, The Zombies, and The Animals, also made their way to America during the 1960’s in what came to be known as the British Invasion.

Reuters mentioned that Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, and the band Double Trouble will also be inducted the same night, and the ceremony will feature performances by hardcore rocker Dave Grohl, crooner John Legend, and alternative musician Beck. The site also added that this year’s ceremony will mark the 30th anniversary of the induction ceremony.

With The Beatles’ Greatest Hits album 1 continuing to perform worldwide, perhaps there will be future collaborations or at least a reunion between Starr and McCartney, the bands’ only surviving members. Ringo is perhaps best-remembered for contributing vocals to the imaginative hit “Yellow Submarine,” as well as for his solo song “Boys.”

[Photo by Fox Photos/Getty Images]