Michael Juskin Domestic Issues: 100-Year-Old Man Hacks Sleeping Wife To Death In Murder-Suicide

Prosecutors say Michael Juskin had a history of “domestic issues” with his spouse and is one of the oldest persons to ever commit homicide. Police in Elmwood Park say the 100-year-old man killed his 88-year-old wife while she slept, in a murder-suicide on Sunday, according to a Daily Mail report. A motive has not been determined, but relatives say Juskin struggled with dementia.

Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli sent a tweet out about the shocking case that has stirred the local community. He said a relative discovered the bodies of Michael and Rosalia Juskin early Monday. However, they were not present at the time of the domestic incident. The wife was dead in a bedroom and the lifeless body of her husband was found in a bathroom of their Spruce Street home.

Police say the elderly man used an axe to kill his wife and later stabbed himself to death with a knife. Former neighbor, Carole Lynch, described the dead woman as a “very sweet lady” and Michael as “not well.” A year or so ago, Lynch lived near the couple in a condominium complex in Gulfport, Florida.

Before they sold the unit, Lynch recalls hearing Michael Juskin “hollering through the door” of their residence as she passed by. Another New Jersey neighbor, Dorota Biskup, 42, was distraught over the news the couple was dead. They recall cops visiting the Juskin home several times over the years in recent history. Police Chief Michael Foligno confirmed Biskup’s statement to reporters.

However, he did not provide details on the calls for service. Biskup alleged that Michael Juskin suffered from mental problems. Moreover, Biskup said the dead couple’s daughter tried to coax her mother to live with her.

“The daughter was saying ‘Mom come to me because we know he’s not stable.'”

Other neighbors spoke fondly of the couple and were shocked over the news of their violent end. Relatives of the Juskins stood outside their home as police investigated the crime scene. However, they did not provide any comments to reporters on the scene at the time.

Michael Juskin’s domestic case of murder-suicide is not the only disturbing incident involving seniors who commit capital offenses. Reportedly, a senior took a relative’s life four years ago. Then, a 96-year-old woman was charged with murder after she allegedly gunned down her 53-year-old nephew in Florida. Two years later, a court determined the woman was not mentally competent to stand trial. She was then released.

[Photo by: David Ramos/Getty Images]