The Biggest Rabbit World Record Is A Dynasty Ruled By Father And Son Bunnies

Maybe these rabbits should lay off the carrots. However, being beefy is what’s gotten Darius and Jeff where they are today – as the world’s biggest rabbits.

The British rabbits – a father and son, in fact – eat a bowl of rabbit food every day, a bale of hay a week, and every year, about 2,000 carrots and 700 apples, reported Express UK.
The rabbits also live in a dog house that would fit a German Shepherd, added the Daily Star.

Darius, the elder rabbit and Jeff’s dad, achieved this record first. He’s four feet, four inches long and 49 pounds, the NY Post added. But the son is proving even bigger than his father – though he’s still a baby, he’s already almost four feet long.

It’s their breed, actually – Darius and Jeff are Continental Giants, a breed of rabbits that are generally the world’s biggest and were originally bred for meat. Darius is just about at the upper limit of the breed’s size.

The massive pair therefore seem to have a monopoly on the world’s biggest rabbit record with Guinness – perhaps one could call them a bit of a dynasty. And their owner, Annette Edwards, told the Daily Star that despite the $7,500 a year required to kept them fed, they’re excellent pets.

“They are both very laid back and chilled out – Jeff really takes after his Dad. Most rabbits like lots of attention and get on well with children and these two are no exception. They’re even friendly to other animals! Jeff’s best friend is my other pet, a boxer dog called Kay. “

Guinness World Records has many a biggest animal record. Like the tallest donkey, American Mammoth Jackstock Romulus, who’s almost six feet tall; the tallest horse Big Jake, a Belgian Gelding horse, who’s over 20 hands tall. And you certainly wouldn’t want to turn a corner and find Herculus staring at you – the tiger weighs 922 pounds and is 49 inches at the shoulder.

[Photo Courtesy Youtube Screengrab]