Can The USAF Honor Guard Maintain Bearing When Faced With A Rubber Chicken? [Video]

As a United States Air Force Honor Guard, men and women must endure a lot. They must always “maintain bearing,” which means keeping their composure under any circumstance. Laughing is out of the question. What better way to test this group’s ability to maintain then squawking a rubber chicken in their faces?

As ceremonial guardsman, the USAF Honor Guard attend funeral and functions as needed. Like the soldiers at Buckingham Palace, keeping composure is a critical facet of their job.

The very regal-looking group of USAF Honor Guard members are lined up and at attention. Walking into the frame you see a superior officer holding what is unmistakably a bright yellow rubber chicken. He eases it over the shoulder of one of the Honor Guards and slide it into views. The guard smirks at the sight and the inevitable “bbcaaaw.”

No one can resist laughing at the traditional call of the rubber chicken, right?

In the video’s YouTube description, watchers learn that these guardsmen are still honing their guarding skills.

“To be a Ceremonial Guardsman in the United States Air Force you have to maintain bearing at all times, even if you have a rubber chicken in front of your face. The instructors at the USAF Honor Guard Tech School constantly challenge the newcoming Airmen’s bearing, and the students pay the penalty if they cannot maintain it.”

So, this crew gets a little bit of a break. Veteran guardsmen wouldn’t be caught laughing at something as silly as a rubber chicken.


The viral video has found it’s way onto Reddit’s forums, where is has gained popularity. Redditors, the users to the massive forum, were compelled to share their stories of maintaining bearing. Some users are not impressed with the Honor Guard members attempts to keep straight faces while others wondered how they could do so well.

As the story gained popularity, the Huffington Post picked it up, sharing the fun.

In a related Inquisitr post, another viral video is garnering attention, as viewers can watch as a mop suddenly becomes a dog.

Funny viral videos have made a home on the internet. The USAF Honor Guard members may be able to resist laughing at a rubber chicken, but we can’t stop giggling at them.

Were you able to make it through the video without a peep? What about a “bcaw”?

[Photo via YouTube Screenshot]