Taylor Swift’s New Single To Be ‘Bad Blood’ Remix — Will It Feature Calvin Harris Or Kanye West?

Taylor Swift’s new single from her very popular 1989 album is rumored to be “Bad Blood.” Several rumors are saying that the single will be remixed for the radio. Now, fans are wondering if Taylor’s new song will feature her rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris or Kanye West?

According to a Headline Planet report, Swift’s label Republic Records hinted that a “Bad Blood” remix will hit radio stations on May 19. The singer’s label quickly removed the post from its website, but it didn’t take long for Swifties to screen cap the post to the celebrity gossip forum ATRL, according to the Music Times.

(Credit: Screen grab from ATRL)

The news of “Bad Blood” as Taylor’s next single still remains unconfirmed by the singer or her management team. That hasn’t stopped fans from wondering who the remix will feature. The hot topic has made “Bad Blood” trend on Twitter, according to the new source. Swifties are wondering if Taylor is either working with Calvin Harris or Kanye West on her new single. Taylor reportedly headed into the recording studio this year with Kanye, after they made amends at the 2015 Grammys.

However, it’s also been reported that Swift is currently working on a song with rumored boyfriend Calvin Harris. The song is supposedly coming out soon. Fans are wondering if the “Bad Blood” remix could feature both Harris and West! Other guesses for the remix include Cheryl Lloyd and Katy Perry. The “Dark Horse” singer has been revealed as the enemy that Swift wrote the song about, according to her September 2014 interview with Rolling Stone.

Headline Planet also noted that Taylor previously shot down rumors of a “Bad Blood” remix featuring Kanye West back in February. But the singer has been known to lie about her music. Taylor previously shot down rumors about her leaked track list for 1989, which turned out to be the exact track list. It sounds like Taylor is not good at shutting down the truth.


Whether or not the report is true, “Bad Blood” would be the follow-up single to “Style.” Swift’s management, Republic, is trying to set its sights on a new single since “Style” isn’t doing well on the radio, according to Headline Planet. However, the Music Times says that the single is in fact performing well on the radio and is still on the Hot 100, along with Swift’s previous singles “Blank Space” and “Shake It Off.” It’s also been noted that Swift’s music video “Blank Space” leaked online early, and the news of “Style” becoming the third single leaked online before the singer announced it herself.

What are your thoughts on Taylor Swift releasing a remix of “Bad Blood” as the fourth single? Who do you want her to feature on it: Calvin Harris or Kanye West?

[Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia]