Spring Break Is Not Just For Students: Spring Break Benefits Businesses

Spring break is that time of year when students look forward to having a break from studying, doing homework, and taking tests. Teachers look forward to taking a break from preparing lesson plans and grading papers. Just like the term implies, spring break is that period in early spring when colleges and universities close their doors so students, teachers, principals, and staff can have a short vacation. After having such a cold and snowy winter, everyone is ready for spring break.

Spring break for high school students is usually a week long; however, it could be longer for college students. Spring break is not limited to the week before and after Easter. Spring break could be any time between March and mid-April. Since Easter doesn’t come at the same time every year, schools set spring break around the same time on the calendar each year, rather than around Easter.

Spring break is not only beneficial for students and teachers, but businesses are also capitalizing on the exciting time of the school year when students and their parents will be spending money to have a good time. In recent years, businesses have been known to flourish during spring break.

There is a big economic impact on businesses because most students do not stay home on spring break. They travel to sunny locations, go shopping, eat out at restaurants, and go to the movies and theme parks. Some students and teachers plan full-fledged vacations during spring break to go to Disneyland or other resorts in an effort to put the brutal winter behind them.

The Orange County Register indicates how spring break is big business in Orange County, California. Orange County is the fifth most popular destination for students on spring break. There are crowded attractions, increased spending, and more people aiming to have a good time. This ranking is based on the number of students who book hotel rooms online at Priceline.com for March of each year. The top four destinations are Las Vegas, Orlando, New York City, and Phoenix.

For some merchants, spring break is the first time they will see a significant increase in their sales since Christmas. Some merchants, except automobile dealers, average about 11 percent jump during spring break.

USA Today says spring break is just a dry run for the summer for parents with smaller children who won’t be going away like college students. Therefore, age-appropriate apps have been developed to keep kids busy on spring break.

If you are a business owner, have you seen an increase in your business during spring break?

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