‘Survivor’ Spoilers: Season 32 Cast To Be Decided By Show Viewers?

Survivor Season 32 isn’t slated to air for a bit yet, but from the sounds of things, fans will likely get very invested in this season very quickly. Survivor spoilers indicate that the cast for this season may be determined in an enticing and exciting way: by letting the show’s fans decide. What’s the scoop uncovered so far?

So far, the bulk of these Season 32 Survivor spoilers and rumors have come via established spoiler king Redmond. He has tweeted that both Season 31 and 32 are being filmed in Koh Rong, Cambodia, and now there are details being linked about the casting.

It won’t come as a big surprise that another season filled with returning players is on the docket. However, learning that the cast will be determined by viewer voting is definitely a big twist. As Reality Blurred shares, reports indicate that quite a few prior Survivor contestants have been asked to film clips that will then be used to get viewers to vote for them to return to the show.

Redmond’s Survivor spoilers indicate that ultimately, there may be 40 or so prior castaways who are included in the voting options, 20 women and 20 men. From the sounds of things, this is quite the mix of contestants that covers the full history of the series, though certain seasons do seem to be getting a heavier focus than others. Who is said to be in the mix?

Survivor spoilers and rumors indicate that Greg Buis, Brad Culpepper, Angie Layton, Spencer Bledsoe, Vytas Baskauskas, and Kelly Wiglesworth are some of those who will be angling for a return to the show. Other names include Hayden Moss, who was also on Big Brother, as well as Jeff Varner, John Cody, Stephen Fishbach, and Monica Padilla.

Naturally, there will be several castaways from the current season, Survivor: Worlds Apart, included in the mix. At this time, CBS has not confirmed that this voting scenario is happening, and little is known about how the voting will work. Will the show really allow the viewers to decide, or will there be some production manipulation or separate casting involved?

Season 31, which is filming now, is expected to air in the fall with Season 32, this returning castaway season, likely slated for the spring of 2016. When the cast will be known, or likely known, it will definitely be interesting to see if more solid Survivor spoilers regarding the eliminations will be uncovered for Season 32 compared to what’s been seen in the past few seasons.

As Reality Blurred also noted, it’s not known yet whether the Season 32 cast will be made up entirely of these returning players, or if there will be others in the mix as well. As the overview of Redmond’s spoilers at the Survivor Sucks forum notes, the list of potential castaways is made up of prior contestants who have only played the game once before.

Additional names are said to include Troyzan Robertson, Abi-Maria Gomes, Natalie Tenerelli, J’Tia Taylor, and several others, along with a handful from the season currently airing. It may well be that viewers won’t learn much more from the show itself until the Survivor: Worlds Apart finale, which is set to air on May 20. Many suspect that the voting for Season 32 will open up after that finale, with filming starting very soon after that.

Who would you like to see on Season 32 of Survivor? What do you think of the list of potential candidates so far?

[Photos by Valerie Macon/David Becker/Getty Images]