Wife Refuses To Give Up On Husband In Coma After Crash: Miraculously, He Wakes Up

It’s been said that the power of positive thinking can work miracles. Danielle Josey Davis is living proof of this. She was married only seven months when a horrible motorcycle crash left her husband, Matt Davis, on life support, in a coma. To make it worse, doctors told her that there was a 90 percent chance that he would never wake up, and that she should let him pass, according to WFIN Channel 1330.

But she refused to give up. Danielle kept him on life support and brought Matt home, and she and her mother cared for him. Then a miracle happened. Three months after the horrific motorcycle crash, Matt woke up. He said, “I’m trying.” Now, according to ABC News, he stated the following.

“I’m sure glad I married her.”

Matt Davis and Danielle Josey Davis in Hospital
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Although he doesn’t remember his wife before the crash of 2010 because of his traumatic brain injury, he has his life back. He was only 23 and Danielle 24-years-old when the accident happened, and although they had dated for only two months before their wedding, she turned out to truly be his life-line. His mother was too ill to take care of him, and his father had passed away two years before the accident. Danielle wanted Matt to have the best view while in his hospital bed at home, and she said the following to her mother, according to ABC News.

“If we’ve got to bring him home, let’s make sure he has the best view in the world. If he’s going to be a body in a bed, let’s give him something to look at.”

Danielle recalled that she knew that there was still life within Matt. He followed her and her mother with his eyes. Then, eventually, Danielle attempted to have Matt grab a small toy motorcycycle, as his rehab therapists had done. He grabbed it, three months after the accident, and she felt hopeful.

But a big breakthrough occurred when she asked what Matt wanted to eat, and Danielle stated that he replied with his favorite food, in a barely audible whisper, according to WFIN Channel 1330.

“I kid you not, he says, ‘buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddar’s.’ We all whipped around because we all knew what he said.”

Eventually, Matt entered another rehab program for two-and-a-half months, and he left the program able to walk with a walker.

Now, he even drives a stick shift car for fun, plays Scrabble, and takes yoga classes with his wife. Because he doesn’t recall their relationship before the accident, he got to know Danielle anew. They even have cute pet names for each other. After all they’ve been through, each moment of life is cherished. Danielle calls her husband “Mattie” or “cake,” and he lovingly refers to her as “baby” or “doughnut.” They even posted a Facebook page, entitled “Matt Davis Recovery,” which has over 6,000 followers, and documents his recovery.

Just as Matt values his wife, another husband, as reported in the Inquisitr, wrote an essay commending his wife for all she does, as a stay-at-home mom. The essay went viral on the internet, so the world now knows what Steve Nelms’ wife means to him.

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