Snowden Statue Sneaked Into Brooklyn Park: See The Edward Snowden Bust Everyone’s Tweeting About [Photos]

There’s a statue of Edward Snowden that artists sneaked into a Brooklyn park that’s causing the name Snowden to trend heavily on Twitter on Monday, April 6. Snowden has become a whistle-blowing hero after exposing the tactics of the NSA, and especially after jumping on a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” thread, as reported by the Inquisitr.

Appearing in documentaries like CITIZENFOUR, Snowden revealed to the world the scary fallout of being a guy who dared to expose the amount of information that the government obtains on everyday folks in the digital world, with interviewer John Oliver even asking Snowden about the government’s ability to spy on “d*** pics,” reports Russia Today.

But back to that bust of Edward that popped up in Brooklyn, as reported by NBC New York – a war memorial statue takeover that was pretty promptly covered up once folks figured out it was Edward’s head atop the thing and not a different war hero, although plenty of Snowden’s fans would call him a hero in the war against privacy violations. The location of the memorial is the worldly resting place of nearly 12,000 individuals that perished on British prison ships at the time of the Revolutionary War, therefore some may consider the prank disrespectful.

The Snowden statue appeared at the Prison Ship Martyrs Monument in Fort Greene Park and had “Snowden” emblazoned across the bottom of the bust, which is scheduled to be taken away on Monday. It’s not necessarily a fast feat for the 4-foot tall bust to be removed, seeing as though it weighs 100 pounds and has been molded to the sculpture’s base with some sort of adhesive. Apparently, the bust of Edward ran well into the thousands of dollars to create, so it was no cheap creation.

The reactions on Twitter to Snowden’s statue are steadily pouring into the social media website with folks falling on either side of the debate.

[Image of Edward Snowden statue via Twitter]