Noah Galloway: ‘DWTS’ War Vet Gets Tooth Kicked Out By Partner

Noah Galloway still has a chance to win Dancing with the Stars, but he experienced a big loss during a recent rehearsal session.

As seen in the video released by TMZ on Monday, the Iraq war veteran lost a tooth after being kicked in the face by his dancing partner, Sharna Burgess.

While practicing a choreographed dance move possibly for their upcoming dance routine, Sharna’s kick landed directly on the side of Noah’s face.

As Noah tried to assess the damage shortly after being hit, Sharna was apparently just as shocked by what had happened.

“Did I just knock that tooth out?”

With his tooth in hand, Galloway made his way to the sink before showing off the new gap in his mouth to the cameraman.

Perhaps the most inspiring part of the video is the fact that Noah did not allow a missing tooth to stop the rehearsal.

“No big deal. Let’s go!”

Noah lost his left leg and his left arm above the elbow in December of 2005 in an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) attack three months into his second tour of duty in the war in Iraq.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that Noah Galloway was able to lose a tooth during a Dancing with the Stars rehearsal session and still maintain a positive attitude and outlook.

[Image Credit: ABC News]