Woman Captures Heartwarming Act Of Kindness With Her Cell Phone, Footage Goes Viral

Most people only have the opportunity to hear about random acts of kindness through news reports or coverage by local news stations because most acts are usually impromptu. However, one woman was lucky enough to witness a heartwarming act of kindness in person. So, she did what most of us do, thanks to technological advances; she captured the touching moment by taking pictures with her cell phone. Then, she shared the experience with the rest of the world via social media. Now, the random act of kindness has gone viral.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Erin Ruszkowski was sitting outside in her car parked near Johnny’s New York Style Pizza in Atlanta, GA. She was waiting for her husband to return when she noticed an elderly man trying to cross the street. It was then that one of the restaurant’s employee’s came running to the man’s side to assist him. Ruszkowski was so touched by the employee’s act of kindness that she decided to take pictures of the kind gesture!

Restaurant worker helping elderly man cross street photo

During a recent interview with Atlanta’s WSB-TV, the nine-months-pregnant mother-to-be briefly recounted the employee’s actions and shared how the small gesture greatly impacted her life. She expressed how nice it is to see others the good people do in light of the disheartening stories that are usually reported around the world.

“The employee stops, looks at him, runs out and asked, ‘Are you OK? Would you like some help?’ Literally gave his hand and they slowly walked across the street. They got inside and he took him straight to a table. He was smiling and patting him on the back the entire time. “I’ve been so distracted by all the stories on the news today about hate and everyone bashing each other and you kind of forget that, for the most part, people are good,” she explained. “Race is a big issue these days. That worker didn’t see a white man, he saw a man who needed his help.”

The local news station has contacted the restaurant to find out who the employee is. However, no further details have been reported about the employee’s identity.

[Image via Erin Ruszkowski]