WWE News: Real Reason Behind Former WWE Diva AJ Lee’s Retirement From The WWE

As we know by now, WWE Diva AJ Lee retired from in-ring competition with the WWE recently. The wording in WWE’s statement caught a lot of us off guard, as AJ has no major injury, she’s still under 30, and looks to be in great shape. Most of us knew that AJ Lee would leave WWE when her contract came up or got close to it, which was confirmed with the WWE retirement.

According to The Wrestling Observer, the reasoning for WWE’s use in what they said was to help avoid problems with AJ wrestling outside of WWE. It was used as a protection angle by WWE to avoid her showing up on an Indy show or random TV show like TNA’s Impact Wrestling. The assumption is that people might try and contact AJ to wrestle for them while she might still be under her WWE contract. So the wording really helped to avoid this.

In theory, AJ Lee doesn’t seem like the type to go anywhere else. This is mainly because she has made enough money on her own to do just fine. Plus she’s married to a guy who is already set for life from his WWE run.

The reason behind her wanting to go was exactly what we all thought. She wants to spend time with her husband Phil Brooks known to WWE fans as CM Punk. The two got married last summer and while Punk left WWE beforehand, AJ stuck around and worked for them even though they had put Punk through a lawsuit. However, the second lawsuit filed by WWE Dr. Chris Amann was the final straw.

It created an awkward situation between her and WWE. While beforehand, things were obviously awkward and rough….the second lawsuit that was completely unwarranted by many was simply too much.

Apparently, AJ Lee didn’t give word on wanting to leave until after WrestleMania. That is probably why we didn’t get a send-off match for her. However, many assume beforehand that Paige knew about AJ leaving. Mainly because of the hug in the ring after their match with the Bella Twins.

AJ pretty much came back to do a WrestleMania match and left. While again, we all assumed she would be leaving this year…it was cut shorter than we all considered. It is said that AJ still has a few months left on her WWE contract. However, unlike Punk she is giving notice to WWE that she is leaving and didn’t just walk out. Many would consider it classy by AJ, seeing as they have pretty much buried her husband right in front of her eyes.

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