Happy Easter! Here Are The 10 Weirdest Places Anyone Has Ever Seen The Face Of Jesus

Easter Sunday honors the day that Jesus, according to the New Testament of the Bible, rose from the dead. Since then, many of the faithful have maintained that Jesus will appear on Earth once again someday — a “Second Coming.”

But where?

Apparently, the answer is anywhere and everywhere. If the numerous sightings of Jesus, or at least the purported face of Jesus, are to be believed, He has appeared in an incredible variety of strange and unexpected places.

For example, as in the photo above, Jesus appeared in a splotch of shower mold (left) as well as on a slice of naan bread at an Indian restaurant.

Those sightings are odd, but these 10 may be the strangest places that Jesus has ever reportedly appeared. Some of these have even been reported earlier by the Inquisitr. But many thanks to Elizabeth Parker of the site Addicting Info for digging up these bizarre Jesus sightings and rounding them up all in one place.

Which one of these is the weirdest, to you?


Jesus came to this Arizona woman in one of her left molars. That’s Dental Jesus in the middle tooth of her X-ray, if you don’t spot the image at first glance.


The Louisiana man who took this photo in 2010 wondered if Jesus “might just be telling us something” by appearing as overgrown vegetation on a telephone pole. But the authorities disagreed, and ordered Jesus cut down as a safety hazard.


Jim Lawry became a bird-dropping victim a couple of years ago. But when he looked at his soiled windshield from the inside, he saw “a perfect portrait. It’s like Jesus staring right at me!”


Often these apparitions of Jesus that appear in food items sell for eye-opening sums. A woman sold a sandwich on which Jesus manifested for $10,000 a few years back. But not this Jesus on a banana peel. The woman who took this photo just went ahead and ate the banana.


Not even sure what to say about this one, that originally appeared on the internet forum Reddit. No, your eyes do not deceive you. That is indeed the face of Jesus on a dog’s butt.


Toasted and fried foods have produced numerous Jesus sightings, like this slice of toast reported by the Inquisitr last year…


…or this one, which appeared in the bottom of a frying pan after Toby Elles fell asleep while cooking himself dinner.


This spectacular Jesus sighting appeared in the Northern Lights in 2013, as snapped by photographer Jón Hilmarsson of Iceland. Is it Jesus? Who knows? But it is definitely a breathtaking photograph.


People spotting Jesus in their X-rays is apparently a thing. If you can’t find Jesus in the above photo, check the low, inner edge of the lung to the right.


Finally, as reported a few years ago right here on the Inquisitr, this stingray sadly died and was washed ashore — but not before the face of Jesus imprinted on its back.

What’s the strangest place you’ve ever seen the face of Jesus?