Fez Whatley Comes Out On His Own Radio Show [Video]

Listeners to the Ron and Fez show on SiriusXM Radio got a bit of a shocker. Fez Whatley who spent the better part of 20 years playing a gay character on his show came out of the closet. He had always told people, including his family, that being gay was just an act.

In an interview with The Interrobang.com Whatley discussed his coming out process. He discussed the anguish he felt when he realized that he wasn’t waiting for the perfect girl to come along and sweep him off his feet. He was actually gay.

He told Interrobang.com,

Coming to this realization was devastating. After all those years of denying it, it was true. Fez Whatley was no longer a character that I played on the air. He was me. And now it wasn’t funny anymore. I was now everything that I had joked about. I got depressed…I couldn’t make myself be Fez Whatley anymore. I was terrified about being really gay.

Whatley went on in the interview to discuss how he came out to his family and his co-host Ron Bennington. He also went on a rant on his show about how difficult it was to be gay and int he closet when there were so many challenges facing the gay community.

He old his audience,

“There are too many important issues out there facing gay Americans for me to just be yelling out the occasional protest from the closet. I see comedians like Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho, Mo Roccca, and most recently Todd Glass, and they haven’t lost their sense of humor. They’re entertaining and still make a difference in the community…I can’t be part of “It Gets Better” until I make sure things are going to get better for me. And that’s what I intend on doing. So that the next time I’m asked by someone “Are you really gay?” I can finally answer, “24 hours a day.”

Fez Whatley was already getting calls on his show of support and people that told him they were inspired to come out because of him.

Watch a video of Fez Whatley coming out of the closet on his radio show,