Lil Wayne Gets More Gay-Blaming From 40 Glocc Over Cash Money And Birdman

Lil Wayne has been quiet lately about the scene with his former record label, and rappers Birdman and Cash Money. But now the anger is back — and so are allegations that either Birdman, Cash Money, or Lil Wayne are not exclusively heterosexual.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lil Wayne planned a club tour that started in March and will end in May. In February when things were going south with Birdman and Cash Money, Lil Wayne said he was working on an album that would be finished in March.

Separate from Tha Carter V that was due to be released based on his old record label with Cash Money and Birdman years ago, the #FreeWeezyAlbum has now been pushed back to April.

Lil Wayne pushing back the date of the #FWA was not the only news he dropped during the April 2 show in Jacksonville, Florida. Posted to Instagram, Lil Wayne is quoted in a video on stage by NME as saying, “‘Free Weezy Album’ coming soon. ‘Carter V’ coming soon. F*** Cash Money,” before dropping the mic.”

Is there a new reason that Lil Wayne should be angry at Cash Money or Birdman? On the same day that Lil Wayne dissed Cash Money on stage, he released a picture of him on his Instagram account — flipping the bird.

Published on Vlad TV on YouTube the day after Lil Wayne dissed Cash Money, 40 Glocc responded to the drama that Lil Wayne was throwing out about Cash Money. According to the N.S.F.W. explicit language video interview by Vlad TV, “40 Glocc, the Left-Coast rapper openly shares his opinion on a range of topics including Lil Wayne and Birdman’s current dispute over financial compensation, his thoughts on loyalty, and Birdman allegedly hooking up with a man while locked up.”

About the Lil Wayne and Cash Money dispute, 40 Glocc stated on April 3, “I always seen that coming. When you have a bunch of fake s*** you’re always gonna watch fake s*** crumble; it’s evident — it’s written.”

Rapper 40 Glocc ended the talk about Cash Money and Lil Wayne stating, “I think it’s a lot more s*** that’s going to come out…. I think a lot homosexual sh*t, you know what I’m saying; but, that’s just me.” The rapper also inferred a lot of his insider information about Lil Wayne, Cash Money and homosexuality comes from Baby and Mac Minister.

Toward the end of the interview, 40 Glocc makes it sound like the scandal surrounding Cash Money, Birdman, and Lil Wayne is more about gay lovers having a fight than record label contract disputes. He says audience members listening to his opinions about what is really going on behind the scenes of the Lil Wayne record label scandal can “take it how you want.”

Of course, most fans in 2015 are not going to care if Lil Wayne is gay or not — but part of the reason this topic keeps coming up is due to the fact that Lil Wayne spent most of 2008 talking about how he was “No Homo” because of old photos of him and Birdman kissing “like father and son.”

In other words, rappers may be name dropping Lil Wayne and saying he is gay just to feed off his popularity for their own benefit.

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