GTA V Online Deals With Cheaters In An Explosive Way

Everyone likes to get a leg up on their competition, be it in real life competitive sports or during online gaming. However, GTA V players may find that they get far more than a leg up when they try to cheat – they get a leg blown off (and all other body parts as well!).

In a fantastic and karma-like way of dealing with those who had discovered an exploit that allowed them to bring some of the game’s single-player-only cars into the game’s online mode, Rockstar delivers again. Everything seems fine until the gaming character enters the vehicle. The armored Duke O’ Death muscle car is an over-powered vehicle from the game’s story mode, but it can only be driven in the online mode by taking advantage of the exploit. Otherwise, Rockstar has patched it so that the tantalizing vehicle explodes upon entry. As we know from previous exploits and those who try to hack ways around it, Rockstar always seems to be one step ahead.

As you can see in the video that was uploaded to YouTube by XkoingWolfx, gamers get a little more than they bargain for when they attempt to cheat the system.

It’s likely that gamers will find a whole new set of exploits when the game hits online on April 14, as has been the history of the controversial game. Those who can’t wait that long can pre-load the version beginning April 7.

The preload date has been confirmed for those who ordered through Rockstar Warehouse or Steam, and while there is no confirmation on the exact file size as of yet, but the minimum requirement is a significant amount – 65GB space on your hard drive – and in Xbox One/PS4 edition, GTA V was 44GB initial download.

So what are the specific features of GTA V Online? It has the ability go up as high as 4K resolution to deliver incredibly detailed visuals. Those with state-of-the-art gaming rigs will be psyched to hear that there’s also support for up-to-triple monitor configurations, enhancing your 3D gaming experience.

We all know GTA V will have its usual fifteen music stations, but the online version will feature an exclusive station called “The Lab.” This station will feature several genres, as everyone knows a little exploit just isn’t complete without the right music, so look for tracks from The Alchemist, Oh No, Woody Jackson, and Tangerine Dream. While these are just a few of the tantalizing new features, it will be interesting to see what intense and expert gamers discover as they get to work.

[photo via PCgamer]