Serika Dunkley Holness, Ryan Holness: Jamaican Woman's Stabbing Death Will Air On 'Fatal Attraction'

The Serika Holness, Ryan Holness murder case will be featured in the latest shocking episode of Fatal Attraction. The TV One crime documentary will re-enact the case starting from the couple's backgrounds and marriage leading up to the murder. Serika Holness was a 26-year-old Jamaican woman from Brooklyn, New York, who was savagely killed in what appeared to be a carjacking. Her husband Ryan Holness and his navy buddy were convicted in her stabbing death.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the case of Serika Holness, aka "Suzie," made headlines in June, 2009. That day police were dispatched to a remote area in Crumpton, Maryland, for a carjacking call. When they arrived, they found a visibly shaken Ryan Holness at a home where he was dripping wet with duct tape hanging from his neck area. Police were led to a field about 500 yards from the house where they found the body of a black female with multiple stab wounds and slashes to the body. Holman told police that they had been car jacked along the rural highway. An autopsy report confirmed that Serika Dunkley Holness was stabbed 58 times in that field.

When questioned by police, Ryan Holness insisted that a masked carjacker forced him and his wife to drive from New Jersey to Maryland. He stated that the encounter turned violent after his wife, Serika Dunkley Holness, tried to flee, causing the carjacker to follow her into the field and stab her to death. Holman said he failed to call police sooner because he was bound, gagged and knocked unconscious for five hours before he was able to break free.

Evidence in the case suggested that Ryan D. Holness had killed his own wife and staged the scene to look like a carjacking, in order to collect on a $500,000 insurance policy. Serika Holness' family members say Ryan never loved her, and they tried to warn her to stay away from him.

Holness and his accomplice, Dellando Recardo Campbell, were charged with murder. Holness is serving a life sentence. Campbell was sentenced to 30 years.

The Fatal Attraction episode entitled "Horror On The Highway" will air on Monday, April 6 at 8 p.m. Central on TV One. Here is the episode tease provided by Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

"The story of Ryan and Serika Holness begins in Jamaica, but ends tragically in a Maryland field. Ryan's reports of a carjacker sends police on a manhunt but when detectives add up the evidence, they start to believe the killer may be closer than they think."
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