Deion Sanders To Son: Stop The Hood Stuff

Deion Sanders Jr., the son of legendary NFL cornerback Deion Sanders, tweeted that he only eat “hood doughnuts,” which drew a swiftly tweeted response from his dad, CNN reported yesterday. Deion Sanders reminded his son of all that he has and to “stop the hood stuff.”

“In response, the elder Sanders — in front of his 912,000 followers — reminded his son he has a trust fund, a condo and his own clothing line called “Well Off,” CNN reported, “You’re a Huxtable with a million $ trust fund. Stop the hood stuff!”

Sanders followed it up with another tweet that included the hashtags #versacesheets #Huxtable and #Trustfund.

Deion Sanders Jr. plays football for Southern Methodist University as a wide receiver. His dad, Deion Sanders, played cornerback, and sometimes wide receiver, for several years for the Atlanta Falcons, the San Francisco 49ers, the Dallas Cowboys, the Washington Redskins, and the Baltimore Ravens. Sanders won Super Bowls with the 49ers and the Cowboys. Deion Sanders also played as an outfielder in baseball, playing for the New York Yankees, the Cincinnati Reds, and the San Francisco Giants. He played baseball, track, and football for Florida State University.

CNN reported that, “Sanders Jr. seemed to take the public browbeating in stride, re tweeting his father’s comments. At least he knew better than to delete them.”

A sophomore at SMU, Deion Sanders had tweeted out three days ago to his 65,000 followers, “Gotta get the hood doughnuts almost every morning. If my doughnuts don’t come in a plain white box, I don’t want them!,” reported.

This drew the tweeted response from Deion Sanders, his father, which was: “@DeionSandersJr you’re a Huxtable with a million $ trust fund stop the hood staff! Lololol. Son. #truth”

Deion Sanders made it clear to his son that he shouldn’t tweet about being in the “hood” or identify with a kind of culture that he clearly doesn’t himself live, or that dad doesn’t want to see him appearing to identify with.

Deion Sanders reminded him of his net worth and told him to drop the “hood stuff,” theInquisitr reported two days ago.

“Children who have grown up with social media know what it is like to be embarrassed when their parents catch them saying something they end up regretting. So if any parent sees Deion Sanders’ son’s Twitter scolding, you just have to laugh, especially when you consider that Deion Sanders Jr. could hardly be considered a poor boy from the hood,” the Inquisitr reported.

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