Deion Sanders’ Son’s Twitter Scolding Reminds Junior Of Dad’s Net Worth, Tells Him To Drop The ‘Hood Stuff’

Children who have grown up with social media know what it is like to be embarrassed when their parents catch them saying something they end up regretting. So if any parent sees Deion Sanders’ son’s Twitter scolding, you just have to laugh, especially when you consider that Deion Sanders Jr. could hardly be considered a poor boy from the hood.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Deion Sanders recently had a lip sync battle with the likes of Justin Bieber, Ozzy Osbourne, LL Cool J, and Chrissy Teigen.

When you have a father who is an NFL hall of fame football player and a current football analyst, any son might find it difficult to maintain his street cred with the hood. Deion Sanders Jr. tried to do just that earlier this week on Twitter, but the effort has already backfired.

You have to keep in mind that Junior is already a sophomore wide receiver at SMU, and he even owns his own clothing company called Well Off. Yet buying doughnuts in a plain white box somehow makes him a member of the hood. In that context, Deion Sanders’ son’s Twitter scolding makes perfect sense, although it is pretty embarrassing considering Sanders has almost one million followers who saw this scolding.

If you’re missing the reference, Huxtables is from The Cosby Show. Junior retweeted his dad’s Twitter response, so apparently all is good in the hood with this family.

So what is Deion Sanders’ net worth nowadays? According to Spotrac, the football great made more than $33 million in salary during his NFL heyday with the Baltimore Ravens, and Baseball Reference says Sr. made more than $13 million playing Major League Baseball. He also made around $2 million working for the NFL Network. All in all, Google says Deion Sanders’ net worth is sitting pretty at about $40 million, which places the man in a really, really nice hood.

Deion Sanders House

In the end, Deion Sanders’ son’s Twitter scolding may have taken Junior’s street cred away forever, but how many sons can say they still have a $1 million trust fund?

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