Casino Brawl Over Daiquiri Lines At Fat Tuesday Might Be NYC Gang Fight Or Simple Impatience [Video]

A 400-person casino brawl over daiquiri lines at the newly opened Fat Tuesday has the NYPD trying to figure out who actually started the casino fight, or whether there was a motive at all. Some witnesses say two girls started the brawl over daiquiri lines stretching across World Resorts Casino in Ozone Park. Others believe the casino brawl may be gang-related, and there were even allegations of a shooting taking place during the massive fight.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, many witnesses stopped to make their own casino brawl video, and those who spoke to reporters say the massive fight was like something out of a wrestling event called Royal Rumble, which features a whole ring filled with wrestlers going at each at the same time.

“It was chaos, it was like Royal Rumble, WWE,” one witness said, which is fairly accurate since the brawl over daiquiri lines involves patrons hurling chairs across the room at each other and brandishing gold-colored rope line stanchions as if they were swords.

“It was chairs flying everywhere — it was chaotic,” witness Elize Brown said. “It was nerve-wracking. It was like you don’t know what the next thing that was going to happen was.”

Witness Jermaine Carry claims he may have seen how the casino fight started, and it was simply a brawl over daiquiri lines being way too long. Others witnesses say two girls are specifically to blame.

“Two girls started this whole thing,” a casino worker told the New York Post. “They came in with their groups. Before you know it, they started looking at each other, they started bumping into each other and then all hell let loose.”

Shortly after the fight occurred, the NYPD noted that many people involved in the large casino brawl may have been gang members.

“A lot of gang members (were involved),” a police source within the NYPD initially said, although law enforcement officials now believe the long lines were primarily at fault..

An unreleased car dash cam video apparently shows the casino brawl spilling out into the parking lot, and it’s said 22-year-old Jaquan Roberts pulled out a gun and started shooting. Roberts is still at large as of Sunday.

The NYPD says there were other reports of gunfire but investigators never recovered any bullet shell casings. The NYPD is still looking for anyone who may have been involved in the other alleged shootings.

Four men were arrested in connection to the casino brawl. One man named Marcus Stewart was released without bail after responding to a court summon. Jovan Bovell has been charged with obstructing governmental administration, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct. Andrew Rivers faces similar charges. The fourth man had all charges against him dropped. The two girls claimed to be at fault for starting the casino brawl have yet to be identified.

In the end, it’s difficult for the NYPD to determine a motive for the casino brawl. The casino brawl video does prove that the people involved in the 400-person fight were diverse, and even a balding middle-aged man dressed in business clothing is shown using a chair as a weapon. Even if the two girls were gang members, many still feel some people’s simple impatience started the brawl over daiquiri lines at Fat Tuesday.

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