Overweight Woman Lost 85 Pounds After Colleague Asked Her When The Baby Was Due

An overweight mother-of-one from Cumbernauld in the Scotland reportedly lost a staggering 85 pounds after her work colleague asked her when her baby was due, even though she wasn’t even pregnant!

Poor Marie Kilpatrick was mortified when her colleague popped the ultimate embarrassing question, a question some people have asked an overweight woman once, but only once.

Marie told reporters that the comment disturbed her so much that she decided to drop her staple diet of take-outs and fast food and began a strict diet and exercise regime.

Having dropped six dress sizes, Marie is thrilled with her weight loss, as she told reporters.

“I didn’t realise it at the time but when I look back at all my before pictures, I’m wearing this big shirt in most of them. Summer, winter – even for our family Christmas dinner – I had it on. It cost about £12. I remember my mum saying once, ‘You’re not wearing that shirt again’. It was like my security blanket. Now I have a new wardrobe of lovely things including dresses and skinny jeans.”

In recalling the fateful day when her work colleague asked her when the baby was due, Marie shared.

“She asked when the baby was due, my little girl Alyssa was three months – I went home and wept. I realised then that I was shying away from social activities and I always had an excuse. One of the few things I did was go to the cinema with my husband Richard and even that became a nightmare as I had to wedge myself into the seat and was in agony.”

Marie is now happy, healthy, and beaming with confidence ahead of her planned charity skydive.

As she told reporters, “When I initially enquired about doing a charity skydive I was at my heaviest – over 15 stone [210 pounds] – and I remember the look on the guy’s face. He was really pleasant but told me to check the terms and conditions. When I read them later, I realised the weight limit was 14 stone [196 pounds]. I think he was just too embarrassed to tell me.”

[Image credit: integrityurgentcare.com]