Man Named Burger Proposed To Woman Named King — Now They Are Having A Burger King Marriage

An Illinois man named Burger recently proposed marriage to his sweetheart named King, and she agreed to become Mrs. Burger King. Now the two are planning a wedding to formalize their Burger King relationship of five years.

Joel Burger, 24, recently popped the question to his girlfriend, Ashley King, 23, who was happy to approve his vision for a Burger King marriage.

Burger will be marrying King in Jacksonville, according to the State Journal-Register.

Burger and King, who grew up together in the village of New Berlin in Illinois, have known each other since kindergarten. They also were classmates and good friends through high school. But, according to Burger, they did not start dating until about five years ago when they were close to parting ways for college – King to the University of Illinois Springfield and Burger to Monmouth College.

“I didn’t really ask her out until going into freshman year of college, but we had talked all through junior and senior years in high schools. I would have called that dating. That’s what I would have called it anyway.”

It was during their fifth-grade that they were first publicly nicknamed “Burger King.”

King recalled that a motivational speaker visiting their school noticed the compatibility of their names and laughed, pronouncing them “Burger King.”

“After the man was finished with his motivational speech, he asked the two fifth-grade (student council) representatives to stand up as he wanted the students to applaud our efforts in helping set up his event. As soon as he said, ‘Joel Burger and Ashley King,’ he started to laugh out loud and pronounced we were ‘Burger King.'”

Burger And King

According to King, they were never able to avoid teasing after that, but she said they have grown used to and accepted their fast-food nickname.

She said, “We have yet to escape the teasing. But we have fully embraced our nickname.”

Now, Burger and King are planning a whopper of a wedding party. They recently got engaged and posed for a photo outside their local Burger King outlet.

The photo in which they posed next to a Burger King logo appeared in local newspapers.

They deliberately set aside the tradition for the bride’s name to appear first because “King Burger” just didn’t sound right like “Burger King.”

They plan to serve drinks at their wedding in personalized Burger King cups bearing the name of each guest.

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