New Beyoncé Song Gets Brutal Reaction On Social Media

Social media can be tough on pop stars, even Beyoncé. She released a video on Jay-Z’s new Tidal streaming service and the reaction probably isn’t what Beyoncé was hoping for, especially on Twitter.

The Beyoncé clip is reportedly being taken down on all Internet sites. However, you can view Beyoncé’s new song on Tidal by paying $9.99 a month. Once again, there is a huge difference between what the media writes about Beyoncé and what people actually think. Entertainment Weekly gave Beyoncé‘s video a thumbs up.

“In the video for ‘Die With You,’ a soft, simple ballad, a make-up free Bey plays the piano in a baseball cap, smiling broadly as she sings. It can be easy for the singer’s larger-than-life persona to eclipse her raw talent, but when she belts the bridge of ‘Die With You,’ her powerhouse voice is on full display.”

As usual, many commenters accused Beyoncé of paying media outlets to give her good reviews. This is something that has always been suggested, but never proven. A poster named Migliore29 isn’t afraid to give a harsh opinion on Beyoncé after the Entertaiment Weekly review.

“How much does Beyoncé pay media outlets to hype her up and give her good reviews? I notice a pattern in which anything Beyoncé does, the media fawns over. However, everybody else criticizes what the media praises. Is there something inside going on here? This song was horrific and Beyoncé needs to stop pretending she can play an instrument.”

Another commenter named Thugs on a Train was even more harsh on the article.

“She’s the best r & b lip synch out there but I listened for a minute waiting for a melody or a lyric but all I heard was a breathy and simplistic piano she obviously wasn’t playing. Aretha she’s not.[sic]”

It’s doubtful that Beyoncé will release “Die With You” as a single; it’s just something to hype up her husband’s Tidal service. Beyoncé, along with Madonna, Rihanna, Alicia Keys, and many others appeared with Jay-Z this past Tuesday in order to help him launch the Tidal streaming service. The Washington Post reports that Jay-Z, Beyoncé, and their rich friends didn’t get the reception they were hoping for.

“Many of the corners of the Internet suggested these musical Superfriends could, more or less, take their high-minded streaming service and stuff it,” said writer Justin Wm. Moyer, a veteran Washington Post entertainment reporter.

Many seem to think the new Tidal service is too expensive and unnecessary. However, there will possibly be more Beyoncé exclusives on Tidal. Let’s hope that Bey gets a better reception for her next “surprise” video. What do you think of Beyoncé’s new song? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images]