Beyonce And Blue Ivy Take Adorable Selfie, Release Mysterious Song Snippet

Beyonce and Blue Ivy shared an adorable selfie this week and possibly something much bigger — a hint of what could be a new song.

The Grammy-winning singer shared on Instagram a selfie of herself and daughter Blue Ivy flashing their bright smiles and holding some floss sticks. They wore matching giant sunglasses and Blue sported a chain necklace.

With the selfie, Beyonce also released a snippet of what could be a new song. Buzzfeed had the details.

“The seven-second snippet features a sample of a woman saying ‘flossin’ and Jay Z dropping a couple trademark ‘ums.’ It’s not much, but could it be the first taste of Beyoncé and Jay Z’s long-rumored joint album?”

But Hollywood Life threw some cold water on the new music rumors, identifying the song that accompanied the cute selfie with Beyonce and Blue Ivy.

“It sounds like the track ‘Flossin’ that’s playing along with the clip, was the same Jay Z & Timbaland’s song that landed on YouTube back in 2013. Too bad, we were excited for a bit thinking it was a taste of Bey’s new music.”

But Hollywood Life did throw a bone to those aching for new music from Beyonce, with an insider saying she might join forces with one of the other biggest names in music at the moment.

“Taylor [Swift] would kill to do a duet with Beyonce — that would be a dream come true. It’s not something she’s asked Beyonce yet, since she’s still way too much of a fan girl when she’s around her,” a source told the outlet. “But she’s told friends that it’s something that she would love to do, and it’s on her bucket list for sure.”

Beyonce and Blue Ivy were doing more than taking selfies and teasing songs. The pair made a trip to the Chanel collection preview, and then Beyonce later spent a night out with husband Jay Z.

It’s also been a big week for Jay Z, who announced his new music streaming service, Tidal. The rapper called on some friends and partners in the venture, including Nicki Minaj, Kanye West, Chris Martin, and Madonna, for the announcement in New York City.

The effort isn’t getting very high reviews, as Tech Crunch noted that it’s fighting an uphill battle.

“As we pointed out earlier today, Tidal is moving into the market against other very strong gravitational forces. It will compete with Spotify, which has 15 million paying users, and 60 million overall; Beats, with all the might of Apple behind it; and many more. Tidal today has less than 40,000 paying subscribers. The company currently has no freemium tier — only two options for users, a $9.99/month ‘premium’ standard definition service and a high-def service at $19.99/month.”

The cute selfie with Beyonce and Blue Ivy — and the music that goes along with it — can be seen here.

[Lead image via Instagram]

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