Surprise Reunion For Destiny’s Child — Fans Say Yes!

Destiny’s Child fans were delighted to see the three singers together again in a surprise reunion March 28 at the 30th Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams staged the reunion to sing “Say Yes.” With its enormous popularity, it’s no surprise that the song was nominated for Urban/Inspiration Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Song of the Year at the Stellar Awards, and Michelle Williams was almost as excited about winning as her fans were about the surprise reunion!

This was the first live reunion of the Destiny’s Child members since Beyonce’s performance at the 2013 Super Bowl. Fans think the surprise was worth the wait, and said so all over social media.

It was even more of a surprise reunion for the audience because neither Destiny’s Child nor Michelle Williams were listed on the schedule as performers.

The former Destiny’s Child members also had a “secret” reunion some months ago, when they made a video of “Say Yes,” which is an interpretation of a popular Nigerian gospel song “When Jesus Says Yes.”

According to Rolling Stone, the three stars loved the chance to get together again and felt no surprise at how well they got along.

” ‘It was so much fun. It was like we were little kids again,’ Williams said of working on the video with Beyoncé and Rowland. ‘I have their back and they have mine. They have showed themselves to be loyal to me time after time. They have proven they are my sisters time and time again.’ “

In a show focussed on her new baby and subsequent weight loss, Kelly Rowland told U.S. news program Extra that reunions aren’t just for the camera.

“The last reunion happened the other day when we all sat down and were just talking and enjoying each other’s company, it was awesome, not every time you see Destiny’s Child together may be in front of the camera, we still have our bond amongst each other, that’s the most beautiful gift Destiny’s Child has given me.”

“Say Yes” is from Michelle Williams’ 2014 album, Journey to Freedom, and features both Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland in the first of the three reunions the singers decided to “Say Yes” to.

[Image via Rolling Stone]