Destiny’s Child Back Together Again At The Stellar Gospel Music Awards – Watch The Videos!

Beyoncé was back in full form, getting attention for a song, but this time it wasn’t Beyoncé singing her hit song “7/11” and dancing around on a balcony and clapping her hands in the air. No, this time Beyoncé was singing a spiritual song with her former Destiny’s Child groupmates on Saturday evening in Las Vegas — as the trio of women got together at the Gospel Music Awards known as the Stellar Awards, as reported by TMZ.

The song that won Music Video of the Year was Michelle Williams’ “Say Yes” ft. Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland off the album titled Journey to Freedom, which was released in 2014. Williams has long been known for her affinity for Christian music, singing songs like “I Heard A Word” back from 2002 during her Destiny’s Child days. Notably, the “Say Yes” song features Beyoncé and Rowland, but doesn’t have all three women listed as Destiny’s Child as a group again on the song title.

As reported by the Inquisitr, Beyoncé has transformed from singing “Drunk in Love” at the 2014 Grammys in a notable performance that showed her sporting hair that seemed sopping wet, along with husband Jay Z, to her 2015 Grammy’s performance whereby the singing diva switched up the program and sang “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” in a rousing and angelic rendition.

The Gospel Music Awards crowed seemed to enjoy the “Say Yes” song being sung by Michelle, Beyoncé, and Rowland — and it’s been a couple of years since the public has seen them together. In fact, the last time Destiny’s Child reunited was during the 2013 Super Bowl, an event that caused its own online buzz due to a power outage and because of unflattering photos of Beyoncé during the performance that the singer reportedly tried to have unpublished.

The Destiny’s Child reunion, according to Us Magazine?, occurred on Saturday, March 28 — during the famous Stellar Awards, and all three women donned angelic-looking white blazers to sing their heavenly songs. Various videos of the event leaked online, like one from musician Ronnie Robertson who uploaded an Instagram video of the performance by Destiny’s Child.

“Finally I can say something! Rumors were true! Destiny’s Child was in the building #StellarAwards.”

The crowd didn’t know that Destiny’s Child would reunite at Stellar Awards, at least briefly, reports Rolling Stone. The unexpected appearance added to the excitement for the Christian crowd, even though some of them obviously heard rumors that the trio would be together once again.

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