‘Fast & Furious 7’ Ending Scene Hits YouTube – Watch Paul Walker Emotional Tribute Online [Video]

The talk of the movie world this weekend is the 7th installment of the Fast and Furious movie franchise, known simply as Furious 7. First off, the long-awaited film is rising like gangbusters in the box office, with Furious 7 topping the Friday list at $67.3 million opening, reports the Hollywood Reporter. When it’s all said and done, Furious 7 could pull in $150 million during opening weekend — reports the Inquisitr — and that’s not counting the international haul. However, it’s the emotional tribute of an ending to Paul Walker that’s blowing up social media and causing videos like the one posted below to rack up the views.

The video titled “Fast & Furious 7 Ending Scene – Paul Walker Emotional Tribute” has received nearly 100,000 views on YouTube in the 17 hours since it was uploaded to the video-sharing website. In the two-minute, 45-second long video, plenty of flashbacks of Walker can be seen — with an ending scene showing Vin Diesel interacting with Walker’s character, a tribute within a movie that Cody Walker called bittersweet, reports Us Magazine‎.

Indeed, it’s quite picturesque and tear-jerking the way Diesel’s car drives straight as the car driven by Walker takes an exit ramp and drives left down a different road, idyllic and peaceful all the same. While news organizations and moviegoers share their emotional reactions to the Furious 7 ending scene tribute online and across various social media platforms, others are trying to understand more about the much-awaited film’s use of flashbacks.

For fans who don’t mind spoiler alerts, Furious 7 used Dom and Letty flashbacks, as reported by Entertainment Weekly, to truly explain the depth of their connection once Letty began to remember exactly what Dom meant to her — as well as the deeper meaning of their cross necklaces.

The fierce female character that is Furious 7′s Letty Ortiz has once again drawn praise for her strong “girl power” skills that she brings to the table — or rather, behind the wheel. As noted by the Washington Post, Letty is a positive representation of ethic diversity in the cast, and she’s a woman who — though finding herself in dangerous circumstances — isn’t portrayed as the perpetually weak female who needs to be rescued from her distress.

Overall, the most recent film in the franchise is garnering a wide range of views from those who’ve soaked up the movie, with certain outlets listing a variety of reasons to call Furious 7 a must-see movie, as reported by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

[Image via Furious 7]