North Korea Promises Retaliatory Measures As South Korea Prepares For Annual War Games

It’s business as usual with Kim Jong Un in control of North Korea as the regions dictator on Sunday promised to retaliate should South Korea provoke his regime.

The threat comes just as the annual South Korean-US military drills prepare to launch, drills Pyongyang continues to call an “invasion rehearsal” for future aggression against the country.

In the meantime officials in the United States and South Korea continue to claim that the 12-day war games which are largely computer-simulated are only meant to strengthen South Korea’s defensive stronghold in the event that North Korea attempts to take over the region.

Kim Jong Un made his announcement while visiting the front-lines of his 1.2 million-member military. One of those regimes was the very same unit that shelled a South Korean island in 2010.

According to KCNA:

“He ordered them to make a powerful retaliatory strike at the enemy, should the enemy intrude even 0.001 millimeter into the waters of the country where its sovereignty is exercised.”

The annual war games are being called a “new war of aggression” by North Korea’s National Defense Commission which threaten to wage a “sacred war” over the exercises.

News of a potential attack comes just three days after a US envoy said relations between North and South Korea must strengthen before the United States and North Korea will be able to work towards strengthened ties.

Do you think North Korea leaders will use any excuse available to them in order to threaten war against South Korea and other nations who disagree with its dictatorship?