‘Twilight’ Shorts Directors Chosen, Author Stephenie Meyer Announces Six Winners

The Twilight shorts directors have been announced, meaning fans are one step closer to the Facebook premiere.

Author Stephenie Meyer recently announced the winners of The Storyteller — New Voices of the Twilight Saga contest. The six female directors have been selected to accompany the six stories that were picked in February.

Meyer released a statement about the selection process via MTV News.

“In reality, the incredible skill that we’ve seen has exceeded all our expectations, from the screenplay outlines to the screenplays themselves and now the Directors’ pitches. We had an extremely difficult task narrowing the choices down to just five directors – the task actually turned out to be impossible. We were not able to narrow it down to five finalists. We had to go with SIX.”

The six winning directors include: Kailey and Sam Spear (The Mary Alice Brandon File), Maja Fernqvist (Consumed), Lindsey Hancock Williamson (Turncoats), Amanda Tasse (Sunrise), Nicole Eckenroad (The Groundskeeper), and Yulin Kuang (We’ve Met Before).

Meyer also explained how difficult it was to pass on so many excellent pitches. To anyone who wasn’t selected, Meyer revealed that there will be a Wild Card entry where contestants can still compete for the big prize. Additionally, the next phase of the competition involves picking Fan Correspondents who will play an important part in the contest.

The winning story and video will receive a brand new Volvo XC90 Hybrid SUV. To those fans not participating as a videographer, there is still a chance to win a Volvo XC60 Crossover by entering “The Storyteller: New Voices of the Twilight Series Drive to Dream Sweepstakes.”

In October 2014, it was announced that Twilight star Kristen Stewart had teamed up with Meyer, Octavia Spencer, and Frozen writer and director Jennifer Lee for the contest meant to inspire women filmmakers.

At the time, Stewart told E! News that it was important to her to give women filmmakers an opportunity that they may not get without the contest.

“I am where I am because of all the strong women who came before me to help pave the way. Now is the time for the next generation of female filmmakers to take a stand and tell their stories.”

The winning film will be chosen by an all-female panel of judges, which includes Stewart, Meyer, Spencer, Lee, Oscar winner Kate Winslet, Modern Family star Julie Bowen, and Women in Film president Cathy Schulmen.

The premiere date for the Twilight shorts has yet to be announced.

[Photo courtesy: Anita Bugge/Getty Images]