Easter 2015 Hop-To-It Help: Peeps, Chocolate, And Bunny Basket Basics, What's Open Easter Sunday [Video]

Sunday signifies Easter 2015, and if you're planning on purchasing Peeps and other candies for those baskets for your baby bunnies, it's time to get hopping. From essentials such as fake green grass to sweet versions of Easter eggs, the Easter Sunday statistics show that you've got a heaping basket of goodies to fill if you want to measure up to other moms and dads playing Easter Bunny this year, reported U.S. News & World Report.

Ready for the big bunny bucks? More than $5 billion will go to Easter holiday foods such as ham, while about nine in 10 of Easter celebrators purchase candy, totaling $2.2 billion. Add in $2.4 billion in goody gifts, $1.1 billion for floral purchases, $998 million for those essential decor designer deals such as inflatable Easter bunnies, and $695 million for rhyming cards.

When it comes to Easter basket essentials, Peeps take the prize, with those squishy Just Born's Peeps consumed at a rate of 1.5 billion Peeps last year.

If you're seeking recipes for making something special with those Peeps, the company's Twitter account suggests a way to jazz up those little marshmallow treats.
"Dip #PEEPS in melted chocolate or icing & garnish with sprinkles for a quick & easy treat!"
What if it's Easter Eve or early Easter morning, and it's oops, you forgot to get those Peeps? Walmart is open regular store hours on Easter Sunday 2015, according to Savings Advice.

Love a bargain? The store will start discounting unsold Easter products, and you can make a list (and check it twice) for picking up Easter 2016 deals early on Monday, when Walmart also will be open regular business hours.

Although Easter basket contents are supposed to be for kids, many adults playing Easter Bunny just can't resist diving into those sweet treats. What to do? Take a tip from supermodel Elle Macpherson, known as "The Body" for her fabulous figure, as the Inquisitr reported.

Asked what she eats to maintain that sleek physique, Elle emphasized that she always eats dark chocolate.

"I love dark chocolate so I may have a bit of Green & Black's in the evening, or raw cocoa nibs," she admitted.

And cocoa has been shown to provide a variety of nutritional benefits, including saving your memory, says Dr. William Lagakos of Calories Proper.

"Dark chocolate might truly have this effect. And there's a plausible mechanism: many studies show that smaller doses improve blood flow; if this carried over to critical brain regions, then very plausible," he noted of the existing research.

As for those expensive supplements? Not necessary, adds Bill.

"Such a high dose of flavanols isn't even necessary if we just eat dark chocolate," revealed the nutritional biochemist.

Are you filling Easter baskets this year? Think you might try dunking those Peeps in melted dark chocolate for a change? Post your comments below.

[Image Via Peeps/Twitter]