Elle Macpherson Stuns As She Turns 51, Details Supermodel Diet And Fitness As Baby Rumors Blossom [Video]

Known as “The Body” since she was 26, Elle Macpherson turns 51 today in sleek supermodel shape. And to celebrate, she decided it was prime time to share her diet and fitness tips for a sleek physique with E! News.

Elle believes in the theory that an alkaline diet can benefit both health and appearance, crediting that approach as providing her with her own Fountain of Youth.

“I’ve learned that an alkaline body and pH-neutral body is a healthier body. Many people believe that it combats disease, encourages cellular renewal and therefore is anti-aging. When all of our 11 body systems are nourished well and detoxifying properly, they are in their optimal state.”


Because Macpherson wanted to make it easier for others to try out her diet approach as well as streamline her regime, she decided to team up with experts to create a supplements company. Called Welleco, it specializes in products designed to boost health and promote weight loss as well as burn belly fat.

“I feel that my body hums now that I am taking The Super Elixir™ every day; my workouts are strong, I’ve lost weight around my middle, my moods are balanced, I don’t have sugar cravings and I just feel on top of my game.”

In addition to taking that supplement, Elle keeps it simple.

“I now don’t take tons of vitamins and supplements—I only take the Super Elixir,” she said. “It’s cleansing and nourishing to focus only on the essentials—it puts you in a strong place. Quality over quantity!”

Sleep plays a key role in staying energized and healthy, she emphasized.

“I always sleep seven hours a night, and laugh as much as I can!”

As for precisely what she eats and what type of exercise she does? Elle drinks lots of water, with a goal of three liters daily.

“At around 6:30 a.m. I eat a breakfast that contains protein. It is either one poached egg on sunflower or dark rye bread (wheat-free), or some Canadian bacon (no fat or preservatives or antibiotics). I also like to mix it up and will have oatmeal with agave, half of a grapefruit or some blueberries. I love an espresso, and will always have one, followed by 500 mililiters of water.”

She takes her Super Elixir two hours later, and then works out daily in the morning, aiming for variety.

“I do 45 minutes of something a day. I love the outdoors. If I’m by the water, I love to paddleboard, surf, swim laps or water ski. I also love to hike or run for about 50 minutes a day.”

Lunch typically involves lots of vegetables and protein in the form of seeds or cheese. She nibbles on raw almonds or an apple with almond butter for a snack.

“Dinner is always fresh fish and vegetables, and I try my best to eat before 7 p.m. I love dark chocolate so I may have a bit of Green & Black’s in the evening, or raw cocoa nibs. If I’m feeling extra indulgent, I love meringue pie.”

Another supermodel revealing her secrets for maintaining that sleek physique as she ages is 41-year-old Heidi Klum, as the Inquisitr reported.

Klum also emphasizes that a combination of diet and exercise is essential, and she just proved that her method works by taking over for an intimate collection previously branded under Elle.

Married to 45-year-old hotel billionaire Jeffrey Soffer, Elle has two children, 17-year-old Arpad Flynn Busson Aurelius and 12-year-old Andrea Busson, according to the Daily Mail.

Sources have indicated that they have been hoping to have a baby but have decided to use a surrogate after trying for more than a year. The two wed in 2013 and have been hoping for a child since their marriage ceremony.

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