Massive 400-Person Gang Brawl Breaks Out In NY Casino At Opening Of New Daiquiri Bar [Video]

A huge brawl broke out at the grand opening of the Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar at Resorts World Casino in Queens, New York, on Friday. The fight consisted of over 400 people and left the bar in shambles.

In the video, you can watch as the massive brawl unfolds before your eyes. Police are called, tables are thrown, and people are injured. According to the New York Daily News, before all was said-and-done, approximately 400 people were involved in the massive casino fight. Police say that the brawl was gang-related and that four people were arrested in the altercation.

Following the incident, the parking lot of the establishment was filled with ambulances and police cars. Emergency responders were treating the wounded, which included security guards, patrons, and police officers. The video above features just one section of the casino’s food court where the brawl erupted. According to police, fights broke out in numerous sections across the food area, sending police and security scattering. Authorities say that the fight initially broke out at the new daiquiri bar but eventually spilled into the parking lot.

Similarly, the Inquisitr previously reported on a 30-person brawl that erupted in the parking lot next to a playground in the UK. That brawl left one man unconscious in the street.

There is no word on exactly what started the brawl, only that the incident was gang-related and charges are pending on the four arrested.

What do you think about the 400-person melee at the Resorts World Casino food court?