Huge 30-Man Brawl Captured In Car Park Next To Kid’s Playground [Video]

Around 30 men were involved in a car park brawl last Sunday, which resulted in one man requiring medical treatment after being knocked unconscious.

The fight took place beside a children’s play area in the parking lot of a U.K. shopping mall — where men were seen kicking, punching and wrestling each other to the ground as onlookers gaped at the rowdy display.

Police officers were later called to the scene, and it was discovered that the brawl had started inside a nearby pub, and then spilled over into the car park.

Carl Carritt, who witnessed and recorded the incident, told the BBC, “I was in the soft play area with my son — a 3-year-old — and we were looking out of the window.

“We saw it all kicking off, there was fighting in pockets all over. It really was something out of the Wild West – I was shocked.

“It’s not an environment I’d be wanting to be taking my son to in the future. We were a bit scared.”

One man had been arrested for suspicion of affray, but was later released on bail.

And in a bid to find the persons involved, the police has since released several CCTV images of the 30-man brawl to see if anyone would be able to identify the men.

According to Chief Inspector Darren Williams, “Clearly this would have been a distressing incident to witness for those attending the leisure park at the time and this sort of behavior is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

“It must also be stressed that this sort of large scale incident is very unusual for the center.”

[Image via CCTV/BBC]

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