Angelina Jolie: Source Says The Star May Be Ready To Give Up Her Career For Her Kids

After bravely deciding to remove ovaries as well as Fallopian tubes once doctors discovered she possesses a rare cancer gene, Angelina Jolie is also reportedly ready to make the surprising decision to entirely quit Hollywood for her family.

A source close to Angelina and Brad shared Angelina’s reasons for her decision with OK! Magazine.

“Angie had a real shock with this latest cancer scare. She loves her work, but it doesn’t come close in importance to her kids. She doesn’t ever want to be apart from them, even if it means putting her career on indefinite hold.”

Not only will Angelina be able to spend more time with her and Brad’s six children, Maddox, Pax, Shiloh, Zahara, Knox, and Vivienne, it will also allow the children to stay in one place while attending a neighborhood school. Traveling the world certainly has its perks, however, it is clear that Angelina is realizing that what is of true importance is the happiness of her family.

OK! adds that Angelina is not planning to cut and run immediately from various film commitments she has already begun. Jolie is set to complete her roles and projects that she has signed on for, including the film Africa, for which she is the director.

The 39-year-old certainly has made it clear that, even with all her fame, beauty, and fortune, she remains grounded and focused on what matters. After bravely making her decisions to have a double mastectomy very public, she has gained praise from the masses for her realness and candor. The Globe and Mail highlighted this fact.

“She doesn’t seem to have anything to gain from using her personal experience (which included a similarly publicized double mastectomy in 2013) to reach women who are likewise at risk – unless one wants to fault her for being in the public eye, which is after all the whole point of being a star. Her health issues are very real and her medical response appears to be appropriate. By her example, she hopes to prompt the two or three women out of a thousand in her position to discover their condition, and seek out knowledge and the medical interventions that might follow.”

The publication sheds light on the star’s “infinite resources” that allowed her to make the “rational” decision she did about her health in order to eliminate the risk of being affected by cancer. Jolie is a remarkable advocate and will always be in the public eye for her noteworthy endeavors, even if Hollywood will cease to be included in those.

[Feature image via ABC News]