WWE News: When The Elimination Chamber Match Is Coming Back, Could ‘Battleground’ PPV Be The New Home?

WWE has added new PPVs a lot over the last few years. Most of the time, the best ones have turned out to be gimmick PPVs such as TLC and Hell in a Cell, which unsurprisingly have matches that fit the name of the PPV. It appears WWE could be doing this yet again, but this time with the Elimination Chamber. WWE Battleground is set to go down in July, just before WWE SummerSlam this August. WWE wants to make a big change to the show as a lead-in to WWE’s second biggest show of the year.

According to Cageside Seats, WWE wants to bring back the Elimination Chamber match and make it part of WWE Battleground. This is a big deal, as the match has been known to be quite popular among fans. WWE fans were furious that WWE wanted to remove the Chamber match from the WrestleMania build up this year.

WWE Fast Lane was added in the place of the Elimination Chamber PPV, which took the place of No Way Out. It sort of became a part of the WrestleMania build up to have the WWE and/or World Heavyweight Champion work through the match in order to earn their right to go to WrestleMania. This has helped WWE out with a lot of storylines, as you can change champions believably in this match to go into WrestleMania.

The last few years, WWE has been quite protective of the WWE or WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Many expected The Rock to defend his WWE Title that he won from CM Punk in the Chamber, but he ended up facing CM Punk in a rematch. Meanwhile, WWE removed the Chamber match altogether so that Brock Lesnar wouldn’t have to work it.

Both men were wanted by the WWE fans, so it seems that WWE is trying to avoid this issue.

By adding the match yearly to WWE Battleground, WWE can avoid including part-timers that they wouldn’t want as part of the match. Since the match is no longer part of the Mania build up, those who come back for that can simply go through to Mania without a problem.

The other part of this is that WWE simply could be adding the Chamber match to this year’s WWE Battleground alone but will not be doing it yearly. While that might be best in some eyes, WWE fans love the match so much that WWE would have to end up having it once a year. At the end of the day, fans would like to know that they are guaranteed to see that match, which means having a PPV you know will contain the show is far better than just throwing it into random shows every year. Plus, it can help to sell WWE Battleground instead of it being another throwaway PPV.

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