Zayn Malik’s Twitter Followers Drop As One Direction’s Album Sales Rise

The news of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction hasn’t affected the boy band at all. In fact, Zayn’s popularity appears to go down as the band’s album sales continue to go up. According to Billboard, more people have been buying One Direction’s albums ever since the news broke that Zayn was taking a break from the band. Now that he quit the band for good, their album sales continue to sail!

Sales of One Direction’s last album, Four, jumped up by 51 percent, according to J-14. Meanwhile, their other albums, Midnight Memories jumped up by 72 percent, Take Me Home rose to 95 percent, and Up All Night increased by 113 percent. It looks like the news of Malik leaving One Direction isn’t the boy band at all. In fact, some could say they’re laughing all the way to the bank.

As everyone says, bad publicity makes for good publicity. The news of Zayn leaving the band isn’t a diss towards him, notes the online teen magazine. The increased publicity surrounding the band has made people curious about their music. Maybe the breakdowns of 1D fans all around the world caused some people to check out their music to see if it’s any good.

Meanwhile, Zayn Malik’s Twitter popularity keeps falling. The Economic Times reported that thousands of followers have unfollowed the former One Direction Brit since the release of his solo single “I Won’t Mind” was leaked online by his music producer Naughty Boy. It looks like Naughty Boy’s attempts to market Malik aren’t working in the singer’s favor.

Zayn has already lost 50,000 followers on the social media site after a demo version of his single emerged on the music-sharing platform, SoundCloud, according to a Daily Mail report. Zayn’s single was released on Monday night, less than a week after he announced he was leaving One Direction for good. The singer said he wanted to be a “normal 22-year-old,” despite the fact that he’s already been spotted in the recording studio with Naughty Boy.

On the bright side, the news of Zayn Malik leaving One Direction has ignited social media. Since the news broke about his departure, One Direction’s Facebook page has received more than 750,000 likes through April 1, according to Billboard. Twitter reportedly has more than 10.3 million tweets about Malik and One Direction since March 25. Although Malik’s popularity has decreased, he still has more than 14.6 million followers on Twitter at the moment.

Are you still following Zayn Malik on Twitter? Has the news of his split from the boy band caused you to check out any of One Direction’s albums?

[Image: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images]