Teen Girl Escapes With Minor Injuries After SUV Falls On Top Of Her From 100-Foot Arizona Cliff

Teen suicide fell off Arizona cliff landing on top of her

What was supposed to have been a deadly scene, a teen girl of Arizona was able to walk away with minor injuries after being ejected from her SUV when it fell off a 100-foot cliff and landed on top of her.

“It’s a miracle that we’re all alive,” passenger Danielle Goldberg said. “None of us should have made it, especially Holly (the driver). And the fact no one has any broken bones or anything, that is a miracle. There’s no other way to say it.”

According to NY Daily News, 16-year-old Holly was driving her friends, Danielle and Viven, home after a day of swimming at Fossil Creek Park. Anxious to take her friends home before curfew, she may not have been as alert as she thought.

When Holly began driving on the remote cliff, she made a fast turn that caused her to lose control. The vehicle then leaned on its side before rolling over the cliff. The three teens could do nothing but hold on and prepare for impact.

“I just grabbed onto the window and was trying to hold on for dear life,” Cantrell said. “I remember rolling once, (tires) squealing a little bit, and then at the bottom I was just suspended by my seat belt.”

As the four-door sedan rolled over the cliff, Holly was immediately ejected while her friends remained inside the vehicle.

As soon as the teen reached ground, the SUV fell on top of her.

When paramedics arrived at the scene, they discovered Holly trapped underneath her vehicle in a panic state. The fire department captain Paul Voakes said “We got her…to calm down and told her, ‘Hey, this is going to be a long day for you.'”

After being trapped underneath her vehicle for four hours, rescuers were able to lift the vehicle with high pressure bags and pull Holly to safety.

Voakes stated as follows.

“She got up and looked around, and she actually said, ‘I’m sorry.”

“At that point, everyone was pretty much quiet because we couldn’t believe the extraordinary condition that she was actually in. A few of the firefighters got emotional and broke down at that point.”

Holly and her friends were taken to a nearby hospital where doctors said on Thursday that they were all in good condition.

The teens’ parents have refused to give a statement regarding the accident.

Police officials have ruled out drugs and alcohol being the cause of the accident.

[Image courtesy of Doug Kerr/Flickr]