Megan Fox Gives Key ‘Natural Beauty’ Tips But Claims ‘Anti-Aging’ Gene

If you think Megan Fox has beautiful skin, a recent interview has all of her best beauty tips included. Megan Fox is joining a growing number of celebrity women that are telling the world it’s time to get real about real women’s bodies. This goes beyond avoiding photo retouching and accepting bodies as they are — flaws included, without excess cover-ups of any kind.

Despite this, it is safe to say that it is common knowledge that Megan Fox, as someone who is repeatedly voted as the world’s most beautiful, has genes that allow her to look good without makeup or a lot of effort. Although she is a natural beauty, so to speak, Megan Fox recently defended her acting and rebuked criticism that she was all beauty and no brains.

Beyond being a one-dimensional mannequin on a red carpet, Megan Fox states that women should put down the makeup on occasion and embrace simplified beauty routines that are not overly focused on transforming someone to cover perceived flaws. While being glamorous is fun, doing something else besides focusing on being beautiful is the anti-narcissist message Megan Fox was trying to send in her recent interview for the April 2015 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

Megan Fox is, in her own way, following a trend precedented by other celebrities — which is showing off their body flaws and avoiding photoshopped images that remove “blemishes.” What Megan Fox is doing and saying for her recent contribution to Harper’s Bazaar Arabia is a continuation of a trend that started last year when Cindy Crawford showed off untouched photos of her in a bathing suit.

Since that time, other celebrities besides Megan Fox have showed off their bodies in their real form. Good examples are the cellulite butt photos of Amber Rose on her recent vacation to Hawaii or crows feet wrinkles not removed from photos taken of Lana Del Rey for Another Man Magazine.

As the acceptance of aging continues in the celebrity world, it has snowballed to include Megan Fox. Regardless, does Megan Fox care about aging in the first place — or even need to care?

The Mirror U.K. states about the Harper’s Bazaar Arabia interview with Megan Fox, “With minimal make-up and her hair falling loosely around her shoulders, she looks like a natural beauty. In her interview, Megan talks about what the public think of her, saying she’s the opposite of what people might believe. ‘People assume that I’m not very smart or educated or earnest, but that makes me laugh. I’m not your typical music video model.'”

The Huffington Post reports, “In her interview [with Harper’s Bazaar Arabia], Megan Fox talks about everything from being bullied as a child to her ‘genetic advantage’ over aging… ”

Megan Fox goes on to say that she is not concerned with aging. In fact, Megan Fox states during her Harper’s Bazaar Arabia interview that, “I have a genetic advantage in that my family doesn’t seem to age poorly: my sister is in her forties and she looks exactly like she did 15 years ago.”

The rest of her interview moved in the opposite direction and included Megan Fox’s beauty tips. While Megan Fox knows that she will have to combat the effects of aging with less ferocity than other women, that does not mean that she is not going to have a beauty routine.

What is interesting about Megan Fox’s beauty tips is that they do not involve a lot of products or techniques. For example, she does not use an expensive line of cleansers, toners and lotions. Megan Fox also does not say that her best beauty tip is Botox.

Instead, Megan Fox’s beauty routine starts with supplements like fish oil. Megan Fox also said she makes sure to exercise everyday, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and only use a facial cleaner followed by sunscreen.

Finally, Megan Fox adds that you should not over-do-it with makeup and that a “key” beauty tip is that you should allow your skin to get a breather periodically by going barefaced.

[Image from Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]