Chris Jans Fired: College Coach Reportedly Groped Women In Bar [Video]

BGSU Coach Chris Jans was fired over a March 21 incident at a Bowling Green, Ohio, bar. According to his letter of termination, the former basketball coach inappropriately touched two women.

Chris Jans was hired as Bowling Green State University’s Men’s Head Basketball coach in 2014. As reported by Sports Illustrated, he signed a six-year contract and was being paid an annual salary of $325,000.

Although he had five years and $1.6 million left on his contract, University officials determined that the former coach is no longer entitled to any further compensation in the form of benefits or salary.

As stated in the termination notice, Jans’ behavior “has caused, and will cause, embarrassment to the university.” As the incident could also mar the university’s reputation, the former coach was terminated with cause for breaching “the comportment obligations” of his employment contract.

As reported by Huffington Post, university officials were alerted to the incident by e-mail. BGSU alumnus Ron Tiller said he and his family were visiting a local bar when they witnessed the coach’s unusual behavior.

In his e-mail, Tiller accuses Chris Jans of “making what seemed to be advances towards several women.” He was specifically concerned as the coach “grabbed a woman’s head and pushed it downwards towards his crotch.”

Later that same evening, Jans reportedly “petted” another woman’s buttocks. When confronted about his inappropriate behavior, the coach reportedly called another woman a “bi*ch.” In addition to his e-mail, Tiller offered university officials footage of the incident — which was recorded on a cell phone.

According to Jan’s termination notice, he admitted “playing around” with an unidentified woman “and moving her head toward [his] body.” However, he denied pushing her head toward his crotch. During the investigation into the incident, Chris Jans also admitted “patting [a] woman’s buttocks” and calling another woman a “bi*ch.”

In the termination letter, BGSU Director of Athletics D. Christopher Kingston admits Jans apologized and showed remorse for his behavior. However, Kingston said it simply was not enough to avoid termination.

Although the former coach has the right to appeal his termination, he has not publicly commented on the incident or his future plans.

In his e-mail to the university, Tiller said he may have overlooked the incident if Chris Jans was a single man. However, the coach is a a married father of two children.

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