Adele Offered $1.5M to Be the Face of a Plus-Sized Dating Site

Singer Adele has been incredibly successful when it comes to her singing career, but her massively huge-selling hit album “21” was borne of the heartbreak of an awful breakup.

And while Adele certainly got the last laugh when it comes to post-split satisfaction- going gold more than once and outselling previous record-holder Whitney Houston- the singer admits that being famous and rich doesn’t necessarily translate into romantic happiness. While Adele is now involved with boyfriend Simon Konecki, last year, the singer confessed that she’d resorted to eHarmony to meet a man while in the fame bubble- but that since she couldn’t add a pic for obvious reasons, no one bit. (Aw, poor Adele.)

Adele may not need online dating services now, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t do a great job of giving larger ladies worldwide something to look up and aspire to- and one plus-size dating service hoped to harness the power of Adele’s success to attract new users. The site,, offered Adele a handy $1.5 million to be the face of their service.

Last year, Adele said that she’s never felt particularly compelled to emulate the majority of female starlets and be thin to break into the business:

“I’ve never seen magazine covers or music videos and been like, ‘I need to look like that if I want to be a success’. I’ve never seen pictures of hot men and thought, ‘I have to change what I look like if I want to be with them.’ I don’t even need to if I want to sell more records. It’s not stopping me from doing anything and I don’t find that kind of thing attractive.”

The site’s owner seems to agree, and 2008 winner of America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson told British tabloid The Sun:

“Adele is a ridiculously talented bombshell… I would be proud to work alongside her to continue to show the world what curvy girls are made of.”

We assume that the offer was somewhat puny to Adele and she turned it down, but it’s cool nonetheless!