Iranians Celebrate In The Streets Following Nuclear Deal Agreement With Obama

The streets of Tehran, the capital of the Islamic republic of Iran, were filled with joy and the honking of horns last night after a deal was reached between the U.S., Britain, and Iran regarding the country’s nuclear program.

The agreement, which was reached after a 12-day standoff, relaxes sanctions on Iran while allegedly ensuring they don’t get a nuclear weapon any time soon.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif was greeted as a hero on his return home to Tehran, as David Cameron and Barack Obama insisted the deal was a solid one.

Zarif told reporters on his arrival home, “Our programme is exclusively peaceful, has always been and always will remain exclusively peaceful. Our facilities will continue. We will continue enriching, we will continue research and development.”

A resident of Tehran, Alireza, told reporters, “Things can’t get worse than they are so, I’m happy with this news. This is pretty historic and I pray that my children will be able to live in an Iran that can play nice with the international community.”

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron lauded the deal.

“I believe this is a great deal and a strong deal. We are all concerned about Iran getting nuclear weapons but what this deal does is block all the pathways to a nuclear weapon, and then have proper inspection and verification. Crucially the sanctions that have done so much to bring Iran back to the table, they don’t come off unless Iran implements its side.”

At the same time, the British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond said the deal was a good one.

“If we can get this done, and Iran follows through on the framework that our negotiators agreed to, we will be able to resolve one of the greatest threats to our security, and to do so peacefully. If Iran cheats, the world will know it.’ And ‘If there is backsliding’ and Iran doesn’t meet certain specifications ‘there will be no deal.”

One leading critic of the deal, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said the deal was dangerous and a very bad one for the West, adding, “A deal based on this framework would threaten the survival of Israel. Such a deal would not block Iran’s path to the bomb. It would pave it.”

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