Kevin Hart Throws His Shoe and Rips His Pants Off, 2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game MVP

Funny guy Kevin Hart decided to toss a shoe and rip his shorts off at the All-Star celebrity game and was ejected from the game right before it ended. The crowd found overwhelming pleasure in his silly antics as they laughed their hearts out at the 5’2″ Kevin Hart standing next to men of the stature of Dwight Howard.

Kevin Hart won MVP of the NBA All-Star celebrity game without a close second. Prior to hoisting his freshly awarded MVP trophy into the air in a grand gesture of victory, Hart told ESPN:

“Sometimes being MVP isn’t about points, it’s about what you do for your team.”

Secretary of Education Arne Duncan suggested that Kevin Hart, the silly little guy who stole the show and entertained his fans as well as TV watchers, should receive an invitation to shoot hoops with the United States President Barack Obama.

The funny man was trending hot as fire on social media networks during the entire event. Kevin Hart was clearly the MVP of the 2012 All-Star celebrity game. Winner by landslide, Kevin Hart was yelling at his fans in the stands and creating an atmosphere filled with grins, laughs, and hysterical antics.

Unlike Canadian singing sensation Justin Bieber who won the MVP award last year, comedian Kevin Hart won his through sheer domination of the crowd by means of funny antics. The score, which is seemingly less important than Kevin Hart ripping off his pants, was 86 to 54 in favor of Hart’s team, the East.

Kevin Hart Gets Ejected From The 2012 NBA All-Star Celebrity Game Video: