UFC Releases Promotional Pictures Of CM Punk – See How ‘The Best In The World’ Looks For Upcoming MMA Debut!

Presently in the MMA world (along with sports entertainment), fans are all in a tizzy over Ronda Rousey taking on The Authority along with The Rock at WWE’s most popular pay-per-view, Wrestlemania 31. It was probably one of the biggest moments in which sports entertainment coincided with MMA. That is saying a lot since both have crossed each other before on numerous occasions. Ken Shamrock, Dan Severn, Tank Abbott, and Brock Lesnar are testaments to that.

However, the “Wrestlemania Moment” featuring “The Rowdy One” is starting to fade to speculation, as UFC denies she will continue any involvement with WWE in the future. With that known, fans are wondering what will be the next big moment of a MMA and sports entertainment coinciding caliber. That will easily be CM Punk’s debut in UFC. For months, fans have heard of Punk signing on to fight, but said fight may be closer than ever with recently released promotional pictures of “The Best in the World” appearing online.

According to What Culture, Phil Brooks, better known by his ring name CM Punk, recently took pictures wearing UFC gear. This is surely a move of a promotional kind as Punk and UFC have been busy making media rounds to keep MMA fans focused on the former WWE champion. This includes an upcoming documentary, multiple press appearances, and interviews.

The images were released over the course of a few days to CM Punk’s Instagram account. From what is shown, Punk is looking leaner, which is no doubt in part of him aiming for a specific weight class, specifically the welterweight division. It should be reported that Punk has been training hard at Rousfusport in Wisconsin, mostly because it is likely he will participate in his first fight near the tail end of this year, sometime around October to December.

Finally, MMA fans may be wondering why there are no sponsors on CM Punk’s gear. Though Punk has nothing to his name in the MMA world, Punk is still a popular draw for his time in WWE. The fact of the matter is that by the time Punk debuts, UFC will have fully instituted their new uniform policy in which all fighters will now wear UFC gear produced by Reebok. Sponsor money from Reebok will be distributed based on fighter ranking. Given the fact that Punk has no ranking right now, he will get a meager amount despite the fact CM Punk will draw far more viewers for his debut more than any other fighter who made their debut in UFC (with the possible exception of Brock Lesnar).

If you want to see more promotional pictures of CM Punk, SB Nation was able to gather many of the pictures for public viewing. Two of those photos are attached below for your viewing pleasure.

CM Punk UFC Promotion 1
CM Punk UFC Promotion 2

[Images via Instagram/UFC Promotions]