‘The Price Is Right’ Model Accidentally Gives Car Away, Was Manuela Arbelaez Fired For A Blooper? [Video]

When a Price Is Right model accidentally gave a car away, the mistake by Manuela Arbelaez cost the show an amazing $21,960. Unfortunately for the Price Is Right model, this blooper video is quickly spreading her accident all over the internet. So was she fired for this expensive mistake?

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So how did the Price Is Right model accidentally give that car away? The lucky mistake happened on Thursday’s episode of the game show with a contestant named Andrea. This particular portion of the show involved guessing the price of a brand new Hyundai Sonata SE.

Andrea tried guessing $19,849 at first, but she must have been thinking of an Elantra since that guess on the price was just a few thousand short. Manuela Arbelaez removed the price tag to reveal the word “no,” but that’s when the Price Is Right model accidentally gave the car away by making a blunder. Manuela not only removed the first price tag, but also went ahead and revealed the next price tag for $21,960, which showed the winning answer. After a brief pause, Andrea screams out, “I won it!”

While obviously Andrea did not win the car by a guess, host Drew Carey let it be and simply laughed.

“Congratulations! Manuela just gave you a car!” he joked. “Way to go! The game is over, folks.”

Realizing her error, Manuela went to hide behind the game set in order to hide her embarrassment. Fortunately, even though the Price Is Right model accidentally gave a car away, she is still keeping her job according to a tweet she sent out.

“For those of you asking: the producers and @DrewFromTV couldn’t have been more supportive and understanding. I’m not in trouble 🙂 phew!” Arbelaez tweeted. She also joked that this was the “most expensive gift I’ve given someone” and said, “Sometimes you wake up and feel like giving someone a car!”