UFO Sightings 2015: UFO Reports Skyrocket, With 10 States Being Tops For UFO Activity

While 2015 is only about three months old, UFO sightings for the year are to the moon, often supported by video and/or photographic evidence, keeping the eyes and cameras of UFO enthusiasts pointed toward the sky.

According to ABC News, the National UFO Reporting Center, aka NUFORC, has been being pummeled by reported UFO sightings, with 1,177 already documented for 2015.

The National UFO Reporting Center made the announcement this week, also noting three particularly significant UFO sightings over Alaska, Washington, and Portugal last week. In fact, the Alaska UFO report included something more compelling than most UFO videos and pictures: A drawing by a four-year old boy who reportedly witnessed the “disc-shaped craft” outside his home.

UFO, Alsaka, boy drawing

But Alaska didn’t make the top-10 list for states with the most UFO sightings, National UFO Reporting Center director Peter Davenport, compiling sightings since 1998 to create the top-10 UFO list, reports ABC News.

Those states, in order of most UFO sightings, are California, Florida, Washington, Texas, New York, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina.

Some of the most recent UFO sightings are very compelling and difficult to explain. Second place Florida, for instance, with 5,113 UFO sightings since 1998, had a witness log its most recent UFO report to the National UFO Reporting Center with a UFO sighting in Deltona on the evening of March 23.

“Two round lights changed colors and moved at incredible rates of direction and speed. There were two round lights, one green, one red. Then both lights became green, 5 seconds later they both became red. The lights were below the cloud cover at approximately 1000 ft. The lights were stationary in the night sky… (Then) the lights streaked north at an incredible rate of speed, dove 90 degrees and streaked north again out of sight.”

Though in tenth place with 2, 273 UFO sightings since 1998, North Carolina’s most recent reported sighting from Pfafftown on March 18, makes for a typically bizarre UFO that doesn’t seem to be easily explained away as a plane, Chinese candle lanterns, or a weather balloon.

The witness reported that they were standing out in their driveway with their friend and “it was dark.” The UFO appeared in the night sky and drifted along slowly and silently while also disappearing before reappearing. The witness said that the UFO had “one bright light in the front, followed by two red lights horizontally opposed quite a distance from the front.”

At the same time, some of the most recent UFO sightings from the top-10 UFO states seem so wacky that the witness’s state-of-mind is brought into question. The most recent UFO sighting in fifth-place New York might fall into this category, the witness saying the UFO they saw was “trying to abduct an airplane” and that they heard “strange songs from the attic.”

Surprisingly, Nevada — with its notorious Area 51 — didn’t make the list, but the Las Vegas Review Journal found a recent UFO report of its own which says that Nevada’s Lander County has the highest rate of UFO sightings compared to population, with 188 sightings per 100,000 people. That’s a lot of UFOs.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts didn’t make the list either, but a March 31 UFO sighting over Worcester may be the most recent 2015 UFO sighting as of this writing.

And with basically nine months left in the year, 2015 shows no signs of stopping its buzzing beehive of UFO activity.

[Images via The National UFO Reporting Center and Youtube]