Pope Pasta: Doctor Tells Pope Francis To Diet, Cut Back On His Pasta Intake, And Exercise More

Vatican doctors have reportedly emphasized to Pope Francis that he needs to cut back on his pasta intake. The Italian news agency, Ansa, via The Telegraph reports that the 78-year-old has gained weight due to his generous consumption of spaghetti and ravioli — without exercising to burn off the calories. Now his physicians are urging him to be mindful of what he puts in his mouth and to devise an exercise routine that will help reduce the stress he’s under from his job.

Pope Francis is a religious leader that 1.2 billion Catholics look up to universally. He was elected head of the Catholic Church two years ago. The Pope is limited to pasta only twice a week. Vatican doctors are telling Pope Francis to “eat less pasta, walk more often, and lose a little weight to take some strain off his aching back.”

For whatever reason, the Pope doesn’t see his pontificate lasting over four or five years. He’s already been in the position for two years. This has his doctors concerned as it is.

In fact, the pontiff wouldn’t be surprised if he follows in the footsteps of Pope Benedict, who left his pontificate in 2013 due to health reasons.

“I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief: four or five years, even two or three. Two have already passed. It is a somewhat strange sensation. Maybe it’s like the psychology of the gambler who convinces himself he will lose so he won’t be disappointed and if he wins, is happy.”

Pope Francis may like pasta and have put on a few pounds, but he’s lively among the people he interacts with and shows no signs of slowing down.

Pope Francis had a special pizza delivery while riding his Popemobile through the Amalfi Coast. Prior to that happening, the Pope said he misses being able to randomly go pick up a pizza without anyone recognizing him.

On a humorous note, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of New York, spoke with Today and had his own advice for Pope Francis after he was told to cut back on his pasta.

“Holy Father, you said you always listen to your cardinals: Listen to me: Get a new doctor!”

The cardinal added one more comment with a bowl of noodles in his hands.

“Here’s what I do, Holy Father, this really helps cut down the calories. Take these basil leaves out of the pasta — and then you can have the whole bowl and it cuts down on calories, all right.”

[Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images]