'Destiny' Will Fix Raids And Make Strikes Easier With 1.1.2 Update

Destiny update 1.1.2 looks to address several issues that PlayStation and Xbox players have had with the more challenging aspects of the sci-fi shooter. Namely, the bugs experienced during Raids and a couple of overly difficult Strikes. Bungie detailed more of the changes coming to the game in a weekly update published Thursday.

The issues Destiny players experience when dealing with Raid bosses Atheon and Crota are finally being addressed. Bungie previously stated that it was targeting "Vault of Glass" and "Crota's End" Raid bugs, but couldn't guarantee they've be included in the final update before the House of Wolves expansion was released.

The exact list of Destiny Raid fixes wasn't shared by Bungie quite yet. However, Activities Engineer Sean Chan provided insight into the difficulty of trying to fix them. In addition to making sure that a fix didn't break another aspect of the game, Bungie also had to deal with other challenges.

"We had a bug where players weren't doing damage to Minotaurs with the Relic shield," Chan explained. "Turns out that the complicated hit test we use to detect a melee hit just missed the combatant because of the long-legged shape of its body. Some of these bugs were truly baffling, but we dug deep and went to great lengths to improve things."

Based on the previous information provided by Bungie, these bugs will likely be addressed too. "Vault of Glass" potentially has the longest list of fixes.

  • Atheon can teleport the incorrect number of players into the Vex Timegate.
  • Players can be teleported into Vex Timegates with the detain bubble active.
  • Atheon can cause splash damage to players even when they appear to be in the relic bubble.
  • Minotaur's health and shield regenerate after being struck by the relic.
  • Time gates could frequently double teleport players if the other side is blocked.
Meanwhile, the "Crota's End" list is half as long.
  • The sword that drops from the Swordbearer during the Crota fight can sometimes disappear.
  • Crota can get up early and kill the sword-carrier unexpectedly.
Some significant changes to the "Cerberus Vae III" and "The Dust Palace" are coming as well. Bungie's stats show that the "Ceberus" Strike has the lowest completion rate due to its length and particularly its difficulty during Nightfall Strikes.

As a result, "Cerebus Vae" boss Valus Ta'Aurc's health will be dropped by a third and the Psion Flayer's shields in the "Dust Palace" will be brought down by 15 percent.

Bungie now appears ready to being revealing some of what is coming to Destiny with the House of Wolves expansion. Community Manager David "Deej" Dague teased that details for the "Trials of Osiris" and the new Reef social area are on the way.

[Images via Bungie]